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2022 in Reflection


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

This quote could not be more accurate of this past year.

From Covid-19, lockdowns, restrictions, reopenings, CERB, a voluntary and involuntary purging of friends, loss of life, family, loved ones, jobs, and businesses - opportunities taken, lost, and gained - the Freedom Convoy, the division and reunification of peoples, and the list can easily go on and on.

On a personal level, 2022 had taken two of my uncles and my father. As well as several friends, acquaintances, and neighbours.

It has been a tumultuous year, but in spite of the terrible and darkness, I have to believe, ultimately, a good one. I cannot help but see it, economically, as a forest fire; burning down the old while nurturing the new.

Broken Keys Publishing & Press' expansion into the full capacity as a publisher was originally planned to launch in early 2020, but the pandemic put these plans on hold. However, 2022 saw this come to fruition.

This year we saw the release and publication of 8 new books. Sadness of the Siren, Missing the Exit, Little Dragon, Poisonous Whispers, Ghosts and Other Chthonic Macabres, Kat and the Meanies, The Leavetaking, and Clean Water for Lukong. And we are currently working on two titles from Sharleen McCorrister: A Time for All Seasons, and The Death Whisperer.


Alongside the numerous and fantastic books released this year, we have also signed on six new authors, and in negotiations with another 5 in the new year.

2022 new authors include:

Anna Blauveldt (Ottawa, Canada),

Michael Adubato (An American living in Belgium),

Jana Begovic (Ottawa, Canada),

Sam Underhill (USA),

Pat Moore (Ottawa, Canada), and

Sharleen McCorrister (Ottawa, Canada).

Look forward to book tours, TV and radio spots and interviews from our local authors in the new year! Dates will be announced!


2022 saw the expansion of Broken Keys Publishing into new and surprising avenues and imprints:

Broken Keys Publishing & Press, offering printing services.

We have also assisted local author Allysina Shinestone in the printing services of her Balancing Reality Series, books 1, 3, and 4. (With more to come in the near future!)

(Also Allysina Shinestone being nominated for the 2023 Faces of Ottawa Awards in the category of Best Author!)


We were completely taking off guard with our nomination and winning for the CommunityVotes 2022 Best Printer Award, and being nominated for the 2023 Faces of Ottawa Awards in the category of Best Printing Company. (We will see how things pan out in early 2023!)


Broken Keys Publishing - KIDS!

Who would've thunk a company starting out in the genres of Weird Fiction and Horror would move into the genres of Kid's Books? But here we are! (Check out our growing catalogue of children titles and authors here), necessitating the creation of a new logo.

Currently (in 2022 alone!) we have 3 published children's books and negotiating the publication of another 2+


We have expanded our 'facilities' from an approximately 100 square foot office to nearly double the space.


Six (yes, six!) of our 2022 titles have been nominated for the 2023 New Book of the Year Award!

Little Dragon,

Poisonous Whispers,

Ghosts and Other Chthonic Macabres,

Kat and the Meanies,

The Leavetaking, and

Clean Water for Lukong

Broken Keys Publishing has also being nominated in several other categories:

Best Printing Company,

Small Business of the Year,

Best Author - Michel Weatherall, and

Best Author - Anna Blauveldt


Personally, as a writer, I had taken a step back this year. Partially to focus on publishing, partially to digest and interpret the wellspring of data from 2020 and 2021, and partially to ponder how exactly to navigate what this new post-pandemic normal looks like.

I had been promising the sequel to Ngaros Sojourney - Invasion: Scion - since late 2019. However, due to the pandemic and this redirection into publishing, it has unfortunately been put on the backburner. But, it is my hope, in the early new year, a segue, a collection of short stories and FREE ebook, will be released. Something after the FREE ebook included with Ngaro's Sojourney (Escape Hatch) and include in Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology (following immediately after the short story, This Quiet Earth). (And this collection of short stories will feature - fictitiously, of course - a few local radio celebrities as well as a City of Ottawa Councillor!)


Ultimately, the good news is Broken Keys Publishing & Press has seen a positive growth during this past year with intentions of further growth into 2023.


Pull up a seat. Stay awhile. Subscribe to stay in the loop.

2023 promises to be an adventure and good year.

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