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BKP Supports Local (Voice & Narration)

What does a publisher do during the restrictions, lockdowns,

and closures of the pandemic when a new title has been released?

Well, in the 2020 release of our first anthology - Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology (ebook April 2020 and June 2020 print edition) (winner of the 2021 Book of the Year Award!) - until retail locations and book stores reopened, we decided to remain relevant by releasing local celebrities, radio personalities, and voice actors' narrations and readings of this collection of short stories!

And the incredible voice talents of

Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology readings:

Pat Moore, reads Summer Breeze's The Lighthouse

Pat Moore, reads Jana Begovic's 2148

Cee Lawrence reads George H. Fosters' Belt Buckle

Dylan Black reads Michel Weatherall's Escape Hatch

Codi Jeffreys reads Sara Scally's Eye of the Beholder

Paul Atkinson reads Jamieson Wolf's Finders Keepers

Kimberly Bowie reads Laurie Steward's Mirror Glass

Jeff Larocque reads Michel Weatherall's Rupture

Maximillian Alexander and Samantha Underhill (her poetry collection) reads Michel Weatherall's This Quiet Earth

Maximillian Alexander reads Michel Weatherall's The Man Downstairs (from A Dark Corner of My Soul)

Paul Atkinson reads Michel Weatherall's The Commonground (From A Dark Corner of My Soul)

Paul Atkinson reads Michel Weatherall's Sweet Silver Sister (from Sun & Moon)

Michel Weatherall reads H.P. Lovecraft's Ex Oblivione


Exciting news!

In addition to Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology being available at Coles Billings Bridge Plaza, it will soon be available at Indigo Pinecrest!

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