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Opportunities missed but great ideas brewing!

It was/is the Ottawa Geeked Out (Toys & Collectible Sale) this weekend. (September 30th & October 1st), and the thought came to be me, regardless of whether being a vendor or not (in our case, not, because, as a publisher, I am not convinced how beneficial it might be), that we could still showcase ourselves and have a presence.

The idea came and will definitely find fruition in the very near future.

Broken Keys Publishing & Press and Broken Keys Publishing - KIDS! t-shirts! (With further shirts, local authors, and book covers to come!)

Option 1 showcases Broken Keys Publishing - KIDS! imprint on its back while option 2 showcases our favicon on its back. Should it include awards and accolades, or keep it plain and simple?

Looking for thoughts, comments, ideas, favourites? Primarily these will be for promotional purposes, but it isn't out of the question the possibility of them being for sale.

(With upcoming BIG releases, further options spotlighting local authors,

titles, and book covers might be in the works as well!)


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