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Book Signing - Sharleen McCorrister at Coles Billings Bridge Plaza

You've seen her on TV - and if you haven't, check out her interview with host Derick Fage on Daytime Ottawa TV - and now you can meet her in person!

Sharleen McCorrister will be at Coles Billings Bridge Plaza on Saturday, May 6th, from 11 am to 2 pm promoting and signing her new books, A Time for All Seasons, and its sequel, The Death Whisperer, books 1 and 2 of her Tales of a Death Doula series.


A Time For All Seasons offers insight to gentle thoughts of Spring, warmth of sunny summer days, foreshadowing the solitude that Autumn brings and the grip of Winter. Sharleen brings each season alive by breathing life into nature and portraying textures that invite each to claim as their own.

As the reader wanders from season to season, they will find a special moment to embrace. The senses come alive in each poem making one want to pause, hold the moment and seek emotions wakened through words. This collection offers a variety of poems written to appeal to every personality.

Poetry that passes through the doors of the heart in an effortless arrival at one's soul.”

- M. Davidowitz

Creative and inspirational with a touch of longing.”

- P.W. Rath

Echoes of pathetic fallacy, both haunting and beautiful.”

- L. M. Waddington

The Death Whisperer

The sequel to A Time for All Seasons, and book 2 of the Tales of a Death Doula series, The Death Whisperer chronicles the author's experiences and poetry of being a Death Doula.

For there is season for all things, including death.

"These poems can be read over and over and still get something different out of them each time." - M. Rama

"Thoughtful and poignant writing that goes deep and makes you think.." - A. Cara

"Haunting images that speak to the reality of life." - J. Navida


Expect to see more of Sharleen! Coming soon, the re-release of her children's book, The Tao of Fey, as well as several follow up children's titles!

Yet another title from

Broken Keys Publishing - KIDS!


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