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Books of the Year Finalists

With the 2023 Faces of Ottawa Awards having come to their finale, we are proud to announce of the 8 titles released in 2022, 6 had been nominated and made the short list for the Book of the Year Award (and it should be noted that the 2 that did not make the short list were authors or poets not from the Ottawa area and not eligible to be nominated).

Jana Begovic's novel Poisonous Whispers

Anna Blauveldt's novel The Leavetaking

Broken Keys Publishing's 3rd anthology, Ghosts and Other Chthonic Macabres (which actually won),

Pat Moore's Clean Water for Lukong,

Anna Blauveldt's (with illustrations by Stephanie Hill) Kat and the Meanies, and

Jana Begovic's Little Dragon


Please support our local literary talents!

All titles are available on your favourite platform and in paperback.

To order just follow the links on the title names!

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