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Can Mike Sadava's Troubled Waters Make a Splash in Sustainable Publishing?

Updated: Feb 23

Troubled Waters, by Mike Sadava, is now one of our newest Sustainable Publishing titles!

Although publishing in April of 2023, the author has chosen to enter his books into the new Sustainable Publishing titles from Broken Keys Publishing & Press.

What does this mean?

The short of it is, Mike Sadava's Troubled Waters will only be available worldwide in print or print-on-demand formats. It means this title will no longer be available on ebook.

But the truth of the matter is, the mining, manufacturing, use, and disposal of lithium batteries (which power our e-reader devices) poison our environment, and - contrary to popular belief - the printed book (ie paper) actually breathe oxygen back into our atmosphere. The paper mill industry does not practice clear-cutting. For every 3 tree farmed, 4 trees are planted. The more trees planted, the more carbon is sequestered from the atmosphere.

Want to learn more? You can check out more information here.

But Mike Sadava's novel, Troubled Waters, isn't the only title.

Allysina Shinestone's latest release - Entrancing Entanglement (book 6 of her Balancing Octology) - is also a Sustainable Publishing title.

Look forward to Anna Blauvelt's first book in her new upcoming series, A Plum Hollow Coven Story, Awakening, to also be a Sustainable Publishing title (to be released Feb. 29th, 2024).

On March 19th, Michel Weatherall's Sun & Moon will be rereleased (being out of print since 2021) also as a Sustainable Publishing title.

Tune into Daytime Ottawa TV, with host Derick Fage on March 14th as Broken Keys Publishing & Press' Editor-in-Chief, Michel Weatherall, discusses this topic live.

Stay tuned. Broken Keys Publishing & Press' move into Sustainable Publishing will begin in March 2024, and you will begin seeing its support spread across the city's bookstores soon!


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