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Down Darkened Corridors

Down Darkened Corridors

by Michel Weatherall

Foreword by Lydia Schoch

"This collection bears testimony to how valiantly Weatherall embarks on an inner journey, mining the darkness in his shadow world and transmuting it into the aesthetic of verse.

"He paints images that are a tangle of anger, guilt, helplessness, wounded childhood to the point of instilling both a sense of discomfort in the reader and of admiration for the courage to come face to face anew with the disturbing past.

"Feels like a jolt to the reader, like a reminder that life is a play that cannot escape from the falling of the final curtain. His verse "..spare the child, spoil the rod" evokes an image of child abuse that sends shivers down one's spine

"Weatherall's dark poetry is like the edge of a knife with which he pries under his own and the reader's comfort zone. Exposing the ominous hum of his own darkness, Weatherall reminds us that only by facing our shadows and shining a light of introspection on them can we expunge them. Chiseling this shadow world into verses, he gives us hope that with lyrical gentleness we can all find self-forgiveness."

-- Jana Begovic, author of Poisonous Whispers, poet and senior editor at Ariel Chart Literary Journal

"... the philosophical personality emerges from the poet and starkly points out the boring restrictions inherent in social conformity. We learn the "freedom" promoted in congruency is a facsimile destined to morph into a stifling existence for a creative individual."

-- Mark Antony Rossi,

Ariel Chart International Journal's Editor-in-Chief


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