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Faces of Ottawa Awards - Best New Book of the Year 2023

We are half way through the 2023 Faces Magazine of Ottawa Awards voting!

Broken Keys Publishing & Press are proud to announce six of the sixteen finalists are Broken Keys Publishing titles in the category of Best Book of the Year.

Your voice matters! Please chime in and vote here

1) Ghosts, and Other Chthonic Macabres - an anthology 2) Kat And The Meanies by Anna Blauveldt Pictures by Stephanie Hill 3) Poisonous Whispers, by Jana Vasilj-Begovic 4) Clean Water for Lukong, by Pat Moore 5) The Leavetaking by Anna Blauveldt, and 6) Little Dragon, by Jana Vasilj-Begovic

Every day until Feb. 15th, 2023, you can vote once per email address. Please do.

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