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Ghosts Can Be Found EVERYWHERE

Even travelling abroad we stumble across Ghosts and Other Chthonic Macabres! (Do you know where I'm vacationing now?)

This award-winning anthology features the best Ottawa has to offer in literary horror and ghost stories!

Winner of the Ottawa Awards for 2023 Best Book of the Year, available in e-book and paperback worldwide! Check out your favourite platforms and distributors here.

This anthology features the art of JJWenzel Images on its cover and showcases Ottawa's own Mylee Rae (award-winning, Best Model 2022).

Contributors include

Jana Begovic,

Anna Blauveldt,

Summer Breeze,

Jim Davies,

Codi Jeffreys,

George Foster,

Matthew Lalonde,

Allan McCarville,

Emma Schuster,

Sara Scally, &

Michel Weatherall

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