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Have Book - Will Travel

The 6th statement on "Our Philosophy" page says,

Authors must be willing to put themselves out there - readings,

book signings, radio & TV spots, podcasts, events, markets etc.

…and nobody encapsulates this better than one of our first signed authors/poets, Michael Adubato!

I originally came across his work in Ariel Chart International Literary Journal.

Ariel Chart's senior editor, friend, and also signed on author, Jana Begovic (author of Poisonous Whispers and Little Dragon), originally told me about Michael and looking to publish his collection of poetry, which would become Missing the Exit. (available worldwide in either ebook or paperback).

But this American living in Belgium is a trooper - through and through - completely embracing the idea of an author/poet putting themselves out there!!

A tour across Europe, what better way to promote and sell one's book?

True to its content and poetic subject matter, Missing the Exit has travelled!!

From a Turkish Brigadier General reciting poetry to Baghdad to Yale bookstore in the States! To Robert Pinsky saying, "And thanks for MISSING THE EXIT, these very spoken, true-voice poems."

Here are just some of the travels and adventures this book has recently seen!

Have a special someone who'd love this collection for Christmas? Ebook,

paperback, and print edition links available at the bottom of this article.


Cover photograph by Mick Howard.

Published by Broken Keys Publishing


Paperback/Print Edition

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