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Introducing, Michael Sadava!

Broken Keys Publishing & Press is proud yet another expansion to our already incredible lineup of local literary giants!

Canada is rich with literary talents and influences, and it is truly an honour to welcome Michael Sadava!

Mike Sadava has immersed himself in writing fiction over the past decade following a career in print journalism. His first book, The Project, a collection of interrelated short stories centered on characters raised in a postwar apartment complex in Ottawa, was a finalist in the 2018 Whistler Independent Book Awards, Canada's only juried award for independently-published books. After many years of quoting people accurately as a reporter, Mike loves the ability of the fiction writer to put words into people's mouths. He is also a part-time musician who has contributed to more than a dozen albums and performed at many festivals and clubs. A native of Ottawa, he currently lives in Victoria with his wife Anne Cameron Sadava.

Michael's novel will be announced soon, along with its title and release date!

Subscribe and stay tuned for more info!!

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