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Introducing, Nancy Steele

Broken Keys Publishing & Press is proud to announce, yet another stellar author to our growing roster of incredible Ottawa authors!

Nancy grew up in Montreal and has lived in the Ottawa area for over 30 years. She is married and has two adult children and an affectionate Boxer. A retired teacher, she now spends her time consulting from her log home, lovingly built by her husband. Nancy has a passion for children and youth and has worked with them as a teacher, coach, and youth minister. She also loves to sing and create new and interesting recipes for her family.

Nancy has always been a voracious reader and loves to journal and write a little poetry here and there.

Her first book, From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones was released in 2021 and is currently working on her second book.

Look forward to her first Broken Keys Publishing release in later Summer/early autumn!

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