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Introducing, Scott Cravens

Updated: Aug 20

Broken Keys Publishing & Press is proud to announce our 3rd American author to our growing international roster of literary talents!

Scott Cravens is an American writer and humorist whose work captures the nuance and subtlety of the American South. Born in Arkansas in the mid 90’s, his work is reflective of the commonly held sentiment that he and his fellow millennials share: "There is no American Dream. There is only this drab American Reality."

As an undergraduate student, Scott became enamored with the writings of Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Cormac McCarthy, Albert Camus and various other greats while working on the completion of his degree in Social Science. Before he graduated from Harding University (central Arkansas) in 2018, he worked as an editorial reader for the University's journal publication Tenor of Our Times. From 2021-2023 Scott attended Johns Hopkins University where he further tempered his craft, while completing his Masters in Writing.

Writing short stories became a passion, by which he continually tries to write a short story once a month, for the sake of writing itself. Currently, he is invested in his job as a high school educator in Norman, Oklahoma where he teaches AP World Literature, AP Humanities, and American Literature.


As a once great culture flounders, Lost Americana: The End of the American Dream views, through the fictional lens of a quagmire of existential dread, crime, terrorism, poverty, the darkness of narcissism, and the spiritual delusion of a corrupted Christianity and perverted religiosity, navigating a landscape of Absurdism at its zeniths and Nihilism at its nadirs, American's search for purpose and meaning.

Cravens' collection of sixteen vignettes views a stumbling culture's path through suicide, abuse, neglect, escapism, infidelity, perversity, and existentialism. A prediction of the future? Social commentary? Or what has already come to pass? Whether its reader is American or World Citizen, this collection will leave one questioning the American way and its path forward.

Stay tuned for more updates and release dates!


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