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Kat and the Meanies, by Anna Blauveldt

"Not only is this a rare opportunity to use the words “meanies” and “charming” in the same sentence, but it’s a lot of fun too. Anna Blauveldt has taken the archetype of The Mean Parent, known to every kid and former kid, and turned it into a fetching tale with lots of opportunity to identify, leading up to an inspired flourish and finale. For those who like discussion with their reading, the mix of familiar, mundane tasks with fantasy will offer cues to kick off plenty of conversations. Don’t miss a chance to read it with some meanies in your life!"

--Glenn Murray, educator and writer, co-author of the "Walter the Farting Dog" series of N.Y. Times Bestselling children’s books)

" Delightful story, such fun to read, and beautifully told and illustrated. I can see this becoming a bedtime favorite."

--Irene Davis, writer and editor, awarded the Peter Gzowski Literacy Award of Merit, 2006

"The text is a joy to read; every child's rant against the mythical world they still live in, while the pragmatic world of reality awaits them. And the last line, "Fly to the moon after me" sums it up beautifully. "I don't want to be dragged into your world; why don't you come into mine?" The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. With them illustrating the text, this book is an absolute winner."

--Bob Barclay, Loose Cannon Press

"Have a rollicking time with Kat as she devises clever ways to avoid unwelcome rules and set her parents on a kid-friendly course. Does she love her parents? You bet! But how to convince them that anything is possible -- and fun -- from painting the house with toothpaste to flying to the moon? Stephanie Hill's inspired illustrations bring the generational clashes to riotous life."

--Sylvia Adams, award-winning poet, novelist

"Kat and the Meanies is a magical book that will enchant readers of all ages! Kat is a young girl who is unhappy her parents―the Meanies―won’t let her do whatever she wants to. With her trusty gray cat beside her she explains in detail the adventures she’d have if her parents didn’t thwart her at every turn. The whimsical artwork is a feast for the eyes and perfectly complements the words. My favorite page features pirates but their ship just might surprise you! "Kat and the Meanies is a must-have book that should be in everyone’s library―young and old alike."

--Christine Davis, Author and Illustrator, DWAA Maxwell Award Winner, CWA Muse Medallion Award Winner

Kat and the Meanies will be available for the upcoming Christmas Season!!

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