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Little Dragon, by Jana Begovic

Jana Begovic's beautiful children's book, Little Dragon, is available in paperback from Amazon now!

A delightful, fun and engaging story about a dragon whose misadventures are amusing and instructive. When Andro the little dragon catches a cold, his explosive sneezing wreaks havoc among his friends and family. His misadventures teach him not only a lesson about good manners, but also show him how he can turn the powerful blast from his nose into a useful weapon.

“A fun little tale with a lesson that your child will love. Cute and sure to make you smile.”

—Andrea B. Lamoureux, Author

“This is an adorable tale about a little dragon named Andro. The delightful story teaches children that If something doesn’t seem to be going right or appears to be a problem, you can change your perspective to see the brighter side. A valuable lesson for everyone!”

-- Beverly Knauer, an award-winning author

“Charming and poignant, Little Dragon gathers together community and family to remind children and adults alike—what appears a flaw just might become our superpower. Jana hits all the heart notes. If I have grandkids, this is on the top of my stack.”

—CK Page, Author

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