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Mad Monks and Blood Diamonds

It's the second week of highschool, and the new student comes into class during an awkward confrontation. This makes introductions easy for Clairisa, as her name is spreading around the the school like a viral video. They talk and find they have interests. However, this new student may be hiding something that Clairisa becomes curious about. Uncovering secrets, dangerous cults, and supernatural occurrences, she soon wishes she didn't discover these, as her past reopens dark doors with stronger attachments.

Rebranding and relaunching this series under the banner of Broken Keys Publishing & Press, the worldwide release of Mad Monks and Blood Diamonds begins this adventure!

Welcome to the world of Clairisa Vinson, the protagonist of Allysina Shinestone's Octology (yes, octology!), Balancing Reality series!

Mad Monks and Blood Diamonds will soon be available across numerous of your favourite electronic platforms, including Amazon's Kindle, Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble's Nook, Indigo, Thalia (Germany), Angus & Roberson (Australia), Vivilo (France), Smashwords, Mondadori (Italy), as well as library services including Overdrive, Odilo, Bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor, Hoopla, Borrowbox, and Palace Marketplace, and subscription services like Scribd.

But better yet, it will be available in paperback worldwide!

Book signings and event dates will be posted and updated soon (your opportunity to get signed copies of these titles!)

What's next? Coming soon on the heels of Mad Monks and Blood Diamonds will be its sequel - Circumstantial Encounters.


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