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A short & concise article from Ariel Chart International Literary Journal. Simple, true, and to the point. Are the days of the Wild West of publishing, printing, and editing coming to an end?

This article's point isn't that all editors are bad, but that it is an unregulated industry.

And to be clear, an unregulated industry means anyone with MSWord and an online presence can call themselves an editor.

Having a 35 year background in the print/publishing industry, I've seen its evolution (or de-evolution), beginning with media - news and, going way back, newspapers - cutting back their editors in favour of speed over accuracy. News and Media's focus became being the first one to report. Truth, facts or accuracy became secondary. Corrections or redacts could be issued later. This has been a phenomenon a long time in the coming.

Fast forward into print media and publications, and we see the near decimation of the editing industry. Add into the mix the unregulated online services and self-proclaimed editors, and we see a predatory shadow-industry arise.

Add an additional $1000-$2500 editing into a title's cost and this could be the difference between profit or loss.

The article doesn't lie. This is the one of the many elephants in the room: editing and editors.

Broken Keys Publishing & Press believe that wealth should not be a dictating factor to being published poet or author.

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