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New Releases of 2023 to Look Forward To

As we enter 2023, we at Broken Keys Publishing are proud to announce the upcoming release at 4 titles in the near future.

Sharleen McCorrister's A Time for All Seasons

A Time For All Seasons offers insight to gentle thoughts of Spring, warmth of sunny summer days, foreshadowing the solitude that Autumn brings and the grip of Winter. Sharleen brings each season alive by breathing life into nature and portraying textures that invite each to claim as their own.

As the reader wanders from season to season, they will find a special moment to embrace. The senses come alive in each poem making one want to pause, hold the moment and seek emotions wakened through words. This collection offers a variety of poems written to appeal to every personality.

“Poetry that passes through the doors of the heart in an effortless arrival at one's soul.”

- M. Davidowitz

“Creative and inspirational with a touch of longing.”

- P.W. Rath

“Echoes of pathetic fallacy, both haunting and beautiful.”

- L. Waddington


Jagjeet Sharma's Under a Maple Tree

Under a Maple Tree is a mixed and random collection of poetry, a byproduct of the Covid-19 pandemic; sometimes its cure worse than the disease, causing devastation and destruction, leaving our lives in the wake of division and a pendulum of emotions.

Once a peaceful country, post-Covid Canada has found itself in a conundrum of incongruities and divisions, its very unity and stability in question; socially, politically, and economically.

A random collection of social and political discourse put in poetic form - a reflection of our times - the news stories of 2022 – Covid-19 - the truckers convoy – the neglect and abuse of our elders in our long term care facilities - the horrific findings of our residential schools. This collection is a continuation of the author's journey and journalistic poetry.

And as we exit this pandemic as a society, as we begin collecting our wits, as the shell shock abates and healing can slowly commence, Under a Maple Tree is the beginning of this journey, a time when we can begin to digest and reflect upon these past tumultuous years.


Sharleen McCorrister's The Death Whisperer

The sequel and follow up to Sharleen McCorrister's A Time for All Seasons, The Death Whisperer will chronicle the author's experiences, poetry, and anedotes of being a Death Doula.

For there is season for all things, including death.


Michel Weatherall's

Shattered Places: Fragments from The Never

Ngaro's Sojourney was released in late 2019 with it's sequel, Invasion: Scion, hinted at. Although a free ebook - Escape Hatch - following immediately on the heels of Ngaro's Sojourney was released, sadly, Invasion: Scion is still not ready.

But Shattered Places: Fragments from The Never is a collection of short stories, following the events of Ngaro's Sojourney and leading into Invasion: Scion, chronicling the further adventures of Tamara and the whereabouts and fate of The Six, as well as setting up events for the upcoming extra-planar war!

The Yith-Terran war begins.

Worlds will collide.

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