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Ngaro's Sojourney @ Indigo Pinecrest

Ngaro's Sojourney is now available at Indigo - Pinecrest!


"I had the opportunity to read the Jane Campion storyline for “The Piano” back in the 1990’s and wondered how that would make a good film. My judgment was well astray as it came in second to Schindler’s List in the Academy Awards. I had the task of supplying the Maori canoe (waka) and Warriors featured in the film.

"I also briefly worked with the actors who featured in “Once Were Warriors” and others in “Whale Rider;” both popular Maori films in the 1990’s.

"This book is an extremely well written fictional work with exciting action throughout.

"My perception is that this novel has potential to make a very good film. Michel Weatherall's literacy ability is well articulated and demonstrates an active mind in building on a storyline.

"This is an action book about a Maori Warrior who faces numerous challenges and survives to live another day. A Tribe in a world doomed to destruction and despair. Aotearoa “Land of the Long White Cloud,” is a white knuckled ride in an ocean of mystery and intrigue. I would recommend a slow read done in installments. This could be an interesting book for a movie."

- Dr. Rongo H Wetere, ONZM, FNZIM Maniapoto Tribe from Aotearoa (Maori Cultural Advisor)


“Ngaro’s Sojourney is an epic adventure that follows a Maori chieftain in a challenge that will test the bounds of faith, family, and friendship.

“In this first novel of his new Fractures series, Weatherall skillfully guides the reader through a mosaic of memorable trials and feats culminating into an elaborate tableau. Always the excellent storyteller, Weatherall produced a brochette of new and exciting characters who he led into the most unexpected circumstances, sure to surprise the reader.

“This solid story, strewed with movie-worthy action scenes and solid character development, left me satisfied yet eager to read the next book!”

- Nancy Laflamme Beta-reader ​​ ​


Making his first appearance in The Refuse Chronicles’ novelette, Das Ghul, now the Māori chieftain’s full story is told!

Follow the 1850 Māori warrior in his nautical adventure to the South Pacific gyre, from forbidden and lost islands, cannibalistic tribes, volcanic isles, sleeping tiki-gods, and discover the Secret of the Lost Library City itself!

From the wastes of the Australian Great Sandy Desert to the desolate tundra of Grænland. From his homeland of Aoetearoa, New Zealand, to the nightmaric cradle of horror itself, this adventure is a white knuckled ride!

Home to a world doomed to destruction, Ngaro is its light!

One Ocean.

One Tribe.

One People.

One World.

Hope Rises.


Ngaro's Sojourney also includes the FREE ebook - Escape Hatch - an epilogue-sequel-segue into the Fractures-Series.

The short story, This Quiet Earth, featured in the award-winning Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology, also currently available at Indigo Pinecrest, follows the happenings of Tamara.

Soon to follow with the yet another FREE ebook - Shattered Places: Fragments from The Never (due to be released late 2023/early 2024), linking the two universes of The Symbiot Trilogy and Ngaro's Sojourney.

Following which will be book 2 (full novel) of the Fractures-Series, Invasion: Scion


Ngaro's Sojourney is also available

worldwide on Amazon in paperback.

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