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Ottawa's Best in Printers 2022 Award

Since our inception in early 2015 there has been a great many struggles, opponents, delays, challenges, and obstacles in our seven and a half year journey to where we find ourselves today.

It is with the greatest humility and honour for Broken Keys Publishing & Press to announce we have been nominated and received the CommunityVotes Award for 2022 Best in Printers.

With a 35 plus year background in the print industry this award holds a particularly special place in our hearts.

As we exit 2022 we will have published 7 titles and have worked with an additional 7 new authors - locally and abroad.

As of the time of this posting we are currently in negotiations or interviewing an additional 3 authors and possibly another 10 titles for 2023.

It is our hope and endeavour to change the literary and publishing landscape of Ottawa in the upcoming future. It is also our hope that you join us on this exciting and incredible journey.

Your Humble Servant,

Michel Weatherall, Editor-in-Chief

Broken Keys Publishing & Press

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