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Ottawa's Best Printing Company Award

Updated: Mar 1

I unfortunately could not attend the Faces of Ottawa Awards Gala Event last night.

However, a little birdy has slipped some information out to me last evening! (You know who you are!)

Humbled and surprised that Broken Keys Publishing & Press won in the category of Ottawa's Best Printing Company!

Our 9th Philosophy, We believe if you are not riding the wave of technological advancements, you are under it.

Ebooks, Print-on-demand, Author-Copies, Print Editions are not synonymous and have their place, but should be viewed as tools for different purposes. It is about getting the right tool for the right job,

It is Broken Keys Publishing & Press' goal and endeavour to change the literary landscape of publishing in Ottawa, the Nation's Capital and surrounding regions, and bring affordable, marketable, and profitable books, paperbacks, and printing to our poets, writers, and authors, both here at home and abroad.

Thank you for your support.

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