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Preliminary Cover of Necropolis

Updated: Sep 26

Featuring local Ottawa model Israa Jomaa as the face of Alia Moubayed, the challenge I am facing is the fact that the character is described as Parisian- Arabic with striking blue eyes. (Israa Jomaa has stunning brown eyes, and I admit, I was torn whether to keep their beauty as is, or hope to obtain the accuracy of the text).

But local award-winning photographer Anna Odeh's astounding abilities in graph design rendered my inner trepidations moot. (Broken Keys Publishing may very well HAVE to take Mrs. Odeh on as a designer! Yes, Anna... text me).

This is only a preview - a preliminary concept of what is to come as the re-release of Necropolis comes to fruition!

This will set a precedence for this series. With book 1 - The Symbiot 30th Anniversary: The Nadia Edition - featuring local award-winning model Mary Elin Moore as the face of Nadia - and now Israa Jomaa as the face of Alia Moubayed - the final book in the trilogy (The Refuse Chronicles) will feature Saoirse Stanton (model yet to be determined) in the near future.

I am stunned and excited by this turn of events. I adore this creative process, especially when it takes on a life of its own and involves other creative individuals and minds.


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