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Release Day!! Ghosts - the anthology!

October 13th - Release day!! Ghosts, and Other Chthonic Macabres

Are you local? Copies are NOW AVAILABLE from Coles Billings Bridge Chapters Gloucester & Indigo Innes

Now in Ottawa today? No worries. You can order your paperback copies (worldwide!) available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Are ebooks your thing? We at Broken Keys Publishing & Press got you cover there as well! - Ebooks available through your favourite distributors: Kindle (Amazon), Kobo, Apple, Nook (Barnes & Noble), Indigo, Thalia (Germany), Angus & Robertson (Australia), Vivlio (France), Scribd, and Mondadori (Italy), just to name a few!

Find your ebook preference here!

Featuring all local Ottawa literary talents! Jana Begovic Anna Blauveldt Summer Breeze Jim Davies Codi Jeffreys George H Foster Matt Lalonde Allan McCarville Emma Schuster Sara Scally Michel Weatherall

Also featuring the incredible photography of JJWenzel Images and graced by the award-winner model Mylee Batista!

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