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Stittsville Arts in the Park and Broken Keys Publishing & Press

Today, Sunday, June 4th - Stittsville Arts in the Park

Village Square Park, 6000 Abbott St E, Stittsville


Wanna know more? Stop by and ask the authors! Ottawa is rich with literary talent!!


Titles and books to watch for!

Jana Begovic

Poisonous Whispers

Little Dragon

Mishko the Friendly Bat


Sharleen McCorrister

A Time for All Seasons

The Death Whisperer

The Tao of Fey


Allysina Shinestone

Mad Monks and Blood Diamonds

Circumstantial Encounters

Maksed Intentions

Gathering Fragments


Broken Keys Publishing & Press Anthologies

Thin Places: The Ottawa Anthology

(Winner of the Ottawa 2021 Book of the Year Award)

Love & Catastrophe Poetre

(Winner of the Ottawa 2022 Book of the Year Award)

Ghosts and Other Chthonic Macabres

(Winner of the Ottawa 2023 Book of the Year Award)

Package deal: Get all 3 volumes at a significantly reduced price!


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