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Tangled Web Magazine, features Anna Blauveldt

At Broken Keys Publishing, we are always proud to announce, support, and report on the exceptional achievements and activities of our authors and poets.

You can find Anna Blauveldt's latest short story (titled Marcia Exposed) in the current edition of Tangled Web Magazine!

Also in this same magazine's edition, Julie Ford's stellar review of Anna Blauveldt's The Leavetaking!

Review by Julie Ford (Deputy Editor and founding member of Tangled Web Magazine)

"It’s about how true friends may grow apart, may not see each other for years, but will gravitate back to one another when it matters. It’s about how a burden shared is a burden halved. It’s about how all marriages go through ups and downs, and how even the worst betrayals can be forgiven, if not forgotten, as our lives wind down.

Character-driven, poignant, and sad, The Leavetaking is a beautiful novella... I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend giving it an evening or two of your time."


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