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The Balancing Reality Octology is Upon Us!

Updated: Jul 9

July is going to be one busy and exciting month!

With book 1 - Mad Monks and Blood Diamonds released in June, books 2-5 will all be released and available in July!

Welcome to Allysina Shinestone's Octology! The Balancing Reality series, where the main female protagonist - Clairisa Vinson - experiences the struggles of high school while coping with a bombardment of supernatural events.

Balancing her two realities comes with its own unique set of challenges. Based on real life experiences with a fictional adaptation, readers will recognize the local landmarks and hotspots from Ontario, Canada.

Got young adult readers in your family or household? You need to get your hands on this series! A finalist in the Faces of Ottawa Awards for 2023 Best Author, Allysina Shinestone is well worth adding to your collection and must read list!

Paperbacks currently available worldwide here, these titles will be finding their way into ebooks and audiobooks in the very near future - some titles already available!

You can catch Allysina at The Fantasy in the Forest Art Show the weekend of July 15th-16th (and returning in September).


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