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The Death Whisperer

The sequel and follow up to Sharleen McCorrister's A Time for All Seasons, The Death Whisperer will chronicle the author's experiences, poetry, and anecdotes of being a Death Doula.

For there is season for all things,

including death.

Available now in paperback worldwide as well as through your favourite ebook platforms!

"These poems can be read over and over and still get something different out of them each time." - M. Rama

"Thoughtful and poignant writing that goes deep and makes you think.." - A. Cara

"Haunting images that speak to the reality of life." - J. Navida

Tune into Daytime Ottawa TV, with host Derick Fagem on April 29th, as Sharleen is interviewed and talks about these two books (and her upcoming series of children's books!)


The Death Whisperer, by Sharleen McCorrister, the second book of the Tales of a Death Doula trilogy.


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