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Under a Maple Tree Book Launch

The book launch of Jagjeet Sharma's latest collection of poetry - Under a Maple Tree - book launch was a fun filled success!

Under a Maple Tree is a mixed and random collection of poetry, a byproduct of the Covid-19 pandemic; sometimes its cure worse than the disease, causing devastation and destruction, leaving our lives in the wake of division and a pendulum of emotions.

Once a peaceful country, post-Covid Canada has found itself in a conundrum of incongruities and divisions, its very unity and stability in question; socially, politically, and economically.

A random collection of social and political discourse put in poetic form - a reflection of our times - the news stories of 2022 – Covid-19 - the truckers convoy – the neglect and abuse of our elders in our long term care facilities - the horrific findings of our residential schools. This collection is a continuation of the author's journey and journalistic poetry.

And as we exit this pandemic as a society, as we begin collecting our wits, as the shell shock abates and healing can slowly commence, Under a Maple Tree is the beginning of this journey, a time when we can begin to digest and reflect upon these past tumultuous years.

There was great food and snacks, a few sample readings from the poetry collection. And official ribbon cutting (with the help of the author's granddaughters!) and cake!

Now this title is available across numerous electronic platforms - Amazon, Apple ibooks, Kobo, Scribd,, Smashwords, Indigo, Angus & Robertson, Mondadori, Vivlio, and coming soon to the new Palace Marketplace!

And, of course, Kindle on Amazon, in both ebook and paperback!


This is exciting times for the authors of Broken Keys Publishing & Press!

This marks one of the first live, in person events since the pandemic, and what an event it was!

Looking forward to more? There's more to come! Join us next weekend (Feb. 18th) for Anna Blauveldt's book signing of her latest novel, The Leavetaking, at Coles, Billings Bridge Plaza, from 11 am to 1 pm!


Want more still?!

Local author and poet, Sharleen McCorrister's latest book, A Time for All Seasons, is available now, worldwide on your favourite platform!

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