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Creative Visionary Award, 2023

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

(Profile picture by Angela Holmyard Photography)


"Inspire Events is thrilled to announce the recipient of this year's Creative Visionary Award, Michel Weatherall! We acknowledge his exceptional contributions as an author, poet, publisher, and dream-weaver.

"Michel Weatherall is the Editor-in-chief of Broken Keys Publishing & Press, an esteemed publishing house that highlights and supports the diverse literary talent not only in Ottawa but also beyond its borders. With a focus on children's books, educational literature, horror, fiction, and a remarkable trilogy of award-winning Ottawa anthologies, Michel has continuously showcased the richness and depth of literary talent in the community.

"As a visionary, Michel Weatherall passionately breathes life into words and stories, opening up new worlds of imagination. His dedication to the literary field has made a significant and lasting impact.

"We invite everyone to join us in celebrating Michel's achievements at the upcoming award ceremony. For more information about Michel Weatherall and Broken Keys Publishing & Press, please visit their website at

"This award will be presented to Michel Weatheral on November 17th at the highly anticipated Elegance Fashion Show, to be held at the esteemed Mosaic Convention Centre!"

-- Shehla Fatima, Elegance Fashion Show Organizer


"In recognition of outstanding dedication and remarkable service to the community, this certificate is awarded to you in heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional contributions, unwavering commitment, and selfless efforts that have significantly enriched and positively impacted our community.

"Your dedication has served as an inspiration and a catalyst for positive change. fostering unity, compassion, and progress among us all. Your exceptional work exemplifies the true spirit of community service, demonstrating unparalleled leadership, passion, and a profound commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those around you. Through your tirerless efforts, you have not only transformed the landscape of our community but have also uplifted the hearts and minds of its members.

"With profound gratitude and admiration, we extend this certificate as a token of our deepest appreciation for your invaluable contributions and for being an exemplary role model to us all. Your remarkable work serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path for others to follow in your footsteps, creating a legacy of altruism and positive change."

Kazma IKaz, Inspired Events Organizer


I am taken aback, surprised, and honoured to receive the 2023 Creative Visionary Award.

Ottawa (and beyond) is rich with creative and literary talent. Ultimately, all I do is bring this wellspring of talent to our collective attention.

Credit needs to be given where it's due; namely to Broken Keys Publishing & Press' writers, authors, poets, models, photographers, and artists:

Uzma Khan, Nancy Steele, Gipsy Ghosh, Scott Cravens, Dr. Maria Zamfir, Dr. Marion Van Horn, Allysina Shinestone, Jana Begovic, Mike Sadava, Sharleen McCorrister, Jagjeet Sharma, Pat Moore, Anna Blauveldt, Michael Adubato, Samantha Underhill, Brigitte Boulay, Summer Breeze, Tawnis Commanda, George Foster, Genevieve Georget, Matthew Lalonde, John C. Nash, John W. Partington, Dr. Ian Prattis, Laurie Stewart, Jamison Wolf, Jim Davies, Codi Jeffreys, Allan McCarville, Emma Schuster, Sara Scally, Kimberly Bowie, Pooja Grover, Kate Imbleau, Sal Maskell, Jocy Medina, Jen Pretty, Stephanie Shotton, Angela Holmyard Photography, Anna Odeh Photography, Yasmin Asgarali, Mick Howard (photographer), John Wenzel Photography, Israa Jomaa, Mary Elin Moore, Stuti Mukherjee, Mylee Batista, Claudine Vivian, Julie Beun, Jonathan Maberry, Mark Antony Rossi, Lydia Schoch, Nancy LaFlamme, Dylan Black, Cee Lawrence, Jeff Larocque, Paul Atkinson, Maximillian Alexander, Derick Fage, 'tic', CKCU-FM, Daytime Ottawa & Rogers TV, local bookstores, both big-box and independents, only to name a few.

These are the true stars that shine in the night and illuminate and shape our world.

I thank you all.

Your Humble Servant,

Michel Weatherall


Broken Keys Publishing & Press

(From left to right: Uzma Khan - recipient of the Advocate for Change Award, Shehla Fatima - Organiser, & Michel Weatherall - recipient of the Creative Visionary Award)

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