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Entry into the Library of Latvia

The motto "Have book, will travel," has never been truer!

Broken Keys Publishing & Press is proud to announce Michael Adubato's Missing the Exit has been added to the permanent collection at the National Library of Latvia on "the People's Bookshelf."

This will also mark Broken Keys Publishing's first book in the Latvian Library as well!

Here is the Latvian certificate (followed by its translation).

The translation reads:

"Thank you for donating your special book to the People's Bookshelf!

"The campaign "A special book on a special shelf" is organized by the National Library of Latvia. Your important book, with a message written on the front page, has arrived on the People's Bookshelf of Gaismas pils, together with thousands of other publications. Now it stores stories about us - stories about the individual history of each book donor, about what cannot be read in encyclopedias or novels. About everyday life, coincidences, feelings and beliefs. Maybe the book has a stamp or a coffee stain, favourite quotes? But maybe it was bought with the first salary or traveled the world? The message that hits the people's bookshelf will be kept forever.

"Your Latvian National Library "

Congratulations to Michael Adubato and Missing the Exit!

Michael Adubato is one of Broken Keys Publishing & Press' earliest signed on authors.

Adubato, being a man of many talents and experiences, perceives the world through a compassionate and undeceived lens. Writing in vers libre, the common language of his work justifies more than a single reading. Adubato's free verse poems are mostly lighter and observatory in tone, but can range from harsh objectivity to darker humour. Having travelled extensively, a notebook his companion, he brings these experiences to his literary endeavours. Born and raised in New Jersey, this American poet now resides in Belgium.


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