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Get Ready to be Spellbound by Allysina Shinestone's Entranced Entanglement - Book 6 in the Balancing Reality Octology

Updated: Jan 16

"Love is in the air, and so is the scent of victims with missing hearts.

"A demonic being known as a Cupid is on the loose, stealing the beating hearts of innocents around Ottawa. Clairisa Vinson feels the pressure as the media call the multiple incidents - The Heartless Attacks. She knows that putting an end to these attacks is crucial. Only her own heart seems to be ensnared by this charismatic demon. With Valentine's Day drawing near, an enchantment causes more mischief. Spellbinding individuals whose names are from a list to become romantically closer to Clairisa generates desires she had read about in romance novels.

"With her heart compromised, it doesn't take long for those close to Clairisa to wonder which side she truly fights for?"


To be released February 14th, 2024! Valentine's Day!!

Allysina Shinestone's Entranced Entanglement, book 6 of her Balancing Reality Octology!

Pre-order and release date to be announced soon!

Books 1 to 5 are available worldwide here.

Want to get your hands on signed copies? Allysina will be at the Fantasy in the Forest Art Show on July 20th & 21st.


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