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Introducing - Dr. Maria Zamfir & Dr. Marion Van Horn

Updated: Apr 4

"...An enticing and amusing volume that will leave you impressed by the artistic illustrations that deliver complex scientific ideas in a seamless yet accurate manner."

- Ardem Patapoutain, PhD, Dad, Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator at Scripps Research, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 2021

"...What sets this Brain Colouring apart is its attention to detail and accuracy."

- Christine Chambers, PhD, Mom of 4, Psychologist, Scientific Director CIHR... IHDCYH, Scientific Director Kids in Pain.

"A fun play-based way for parents to discover the brain alongside their child!"

- Chind Hovington, PhD, Neuroscientist, Mon of 3, Founder of Curious Neuron and Co-Founder of Wondergrade.

"Lady GABA, Yoga neuron, happy astrocytes, and hungry microglia - This colouring and learning book has it all. It opens the eyes and senses to the world of the brain. A must have for kids and adults too."

- Keith Murai, PhD, Dad, Director - Centre for Research in Neuroscience, Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, President of the Canadian Association Neuroscience.

"An interactive and enjoyable adventure to learn about the brain - the adorable neuron and glia leap off the page!"

- Helene Li, Winner of the International Brain Bee 2021

"I absolutely love this book, it breaks down hard concepts about the brain in such a fun way with cute drawing and fun activities!"

- Elizabeth Berry, PhD, Neuroscientist, Science Communicator.


Broken Keys Publishing - KIDS! is proud to announce the addition of two fantastic authors to our growing and stellar lineup!


Marion Van Horn PhD

Marion was born and raised in the picturesque Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. She did her undergraduate studies in human physiology, and subsequently obtained her PhD in neurophysiology from McGill University. Marion is a mother of 3 and has spent over a decade studying the mysteries and wonders of the brain at The Montreal Neuro. She made this book so that others can share in the inspirational beauty and magnificence that is the human brain, and hopefully ignite a similar passion in the next generation of neuroscientists.


Maria Zamfir PhD

Maria is an artist, neuroscientist, and mom! She completed her PhD in Neuroscience at McGill University. During her PhD, Maria also created The Neuron Family, where these neuron and glia characters come to life to help explain complex neuroscience concepts. Maria has volunteered with both BrainReach and Brain Awareness Week to teach elementary and high school students about neuroscience. Maria loves sharing her neuroscience-inspired art with the world!


The Brain Colouring and Learning Book: Volume 1

Two neuroscientists, having spent years doing experiments investigating the intricate details of how the brain works - and also moms, having a lot of experience helping brains develop in real life!

The fruition of their time, energy, labour, and experiences is this fun and educational colouring book as a guide to help introduce the brain to you and your family!

Look forward to seeing The Brain (available in French and English) as it will soon hit Ottawa by storm! Look for it in local bookstores and its authors in interviews, TV and radio!


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