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Maximilian Alexander reads the horror, Running Water

American Voice Actor Maximilian Alexander contributed to our first anthology - Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology (Ottawa Awards, 2021 Book of the Year), by narrating This Quiet Earth (with Samantha Underhill voicing Tamara and Nozomi), AND voicing Nyarlathotep!

Maximilian has also narrated Michel Weatherall's poems, Sins of Omission

..and The Man Downstairs,

...both from A Dark Corner of My Soul.

Broken Keys Publishing & Press is proud to announce Maximilian Alexander will be joining us again, narrating the short story Running Water from the award-winning anthology, Ghosts and Other Chthonic Macabres (Ottawa Awards, 2023 Book of the Year), showcasing some of Ottawa's best and up-and-coming literary talents (as well as local photographer John Wenzel - and featuring Ottawa's award-winning model, Mylee Rae on the book's cover).


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