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New Narrations Coming Soon!

When the lockdowns began in early 2020, Broken Keys Publishing was right in the midst of promoting and launching its first forte into an anthology. (Thin Places).

Timing couldn't have been worse. And with the following Provincial Ford government imposed cyclic lockdowns, it became an ongoing struggle. With retail and bookstores closed down, what was a fledgling company to do?!

Well...we waited. And while we waited, we attempted to remain relevant, alive and in the eye of those around us with various and numerous narrations and readings from local TV and radio personalities, singers and celebrities and voice actors!

Dylan Black, Boom 99.7 FM - reads Escape Hatch, a sci-fi horror by Michel Weatherall from Thin Places

Codi Jeffreys, Lite 98.5 FM - reads The Eye of the Beholder, a sci-fi horror by Sara Scally from Thin Places

Cee Lawrence, singer/songwriter & musician - narrates Belt Buckle by George Foster from Thin Places

Samantha Underhill, voice artist - voices the titanic Tamara and Nozomi from This Quiet Earth, by Michel Weatherall from Thin Places

Jeff Larocque, 93.1 CKCU FM - reads Rupture by Michel Weatherall from Thin Places

Pat Moore, Singer/Songwriter, 93.1 FM - narrates The Lighthouse by Summer Breeze and 2148 by Jana Begovic, both from Thin Places

Kimberly Bowie, voice actor - reads Laurie Stewart's Mirror Glass, from Thin Places

Maximillian Alexandre, Voice actor - narrates This Quiet Earth (Thin Places) as well as voicing Nyarlathotep. Also reading Sins of Omission (A Dark Corner of My Soul) and The Man Downstairs (A Dark Corner of My Soul).

It cannot be overstate how much these incredible individuals helped. (And Thin Places went on to win the Ottawa Award 2021 Book of the Year).

Well, we may very well have some more exciting news brewing!

It looks like Broken Keys Publishing will have the honour and pleasure of Maximillian's voice narrating a few short stories from the award-winning (Ottawa Awards 2023 Book of the Year) Ghosts and Other Chthonic Macabres! (And possibly some other incredible voice talents, but it's too early to announce yet!)

Stay tuned. Likely candidates are Monsters and Running Water.

Monsters is a story of a man obsessed with an unmarked grave, and the frightening revelation that some of the most terrifying monsters are ourselves.

Running Water: The world has fallen from an unspecified plague. But will The Wanderers get him or his own isolation?


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