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Foreword by Lydia Schoch (blogger & Goodreads Author)


“A Dark Corner of my Soul”...was refreshing to read and well-written... a raw and honest compilation of poetry purely written from his heart. Dare I say, very Leonard Cohen-ish!" 

Brigitte Lord, author of We Live in the Shadows

     "An amazing collection of literary prose which Weatherall has kept locked in a desk drawer for two decades is now a short collection of dark and deeply disturbing  poems.

     "The reader is transported into the mind of someone suffering and you can see the images of his words as if they were your own.

     "As a sufferer myself, I was amazed at just how much he was able to write and convey how mental illness makes a sufferer feel. Those images which are so difficult to explain that haunt the head flow off the page, raw and exposed for all to see.

I couldn't possibly choose a favourite in the collection as they were all so powerful and beautifully written. Michel  has a true talent and after reading I felt he was extremely brave to share such wonderful, if dark work."

TDC Book Reviews

A Dark Corner of My Soul

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