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The original and seminal work of Ottawa born author Michel Weatherall, The Symbiot-Trilogy is now available in its totality in this Collection.

This collection includes,
The Symbiot 30th Anniversary, The Nadia Edition
The Refuse Chronicles, and
Symphonies of Horror, Inspirational Tales by H.P. Lovecraft: The Symbiot Appendum for FREE

"In The Symbiot, Weatherall has created a spine chilling tale reminiscent of the style of Stephen King."
TDC Book Reviews

“I noticed that some compare him to Stephen King but I have to say, he is better...  I devoured the book in one sitting and it left me wanting more!”
Codi Jeffreys, Lite 98.5 FM

“H.P. Lovecraft has new competition. Michel Weatherall is brilliant at creepy, psychological horror.”
Corvid Moon Publishing

“Lovecraftian atmosphere and themes at their best. Michel Weatherall is a master of this style of horror - he’ll keep you up all night reading, then for days just thinking about it.”
Apt. 613's Laurie Stewart, Author

Darkness Falls: The Symbiot Trilogy

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