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The 3rd book of The Symbiot Trilogy, The Refuse Chronicles is a collection of sorrowful novelettes revisiting lost & forgotten secondary characters throughout the series; the human debris and fallout of the catastrophic events.



47° 9'S 126° 43'W

06 – 02 – 2005:

The Rising of R'lyeh


The world has changed since The Event.

It will never be the same.


Ancient and forgotten Cults stir in the darkness.

The UNCGSC desperately prepares for a war they know is inevitable.

Tamara Takahara – Tamara Gibbons – the last Symbiocyst returns; the consequences obliterating.

The Machine searches for humanity's only hope and salvation.

Titanic forces are in motion, their collision unavoidable.


The Event may have changed the world,

but the fallout has yet to come.


All will be gambled.

All will be lost.


Be prepared. There is no tomorrow.


(Photo is of Le Grand Rassemblement (The Grand Gathering), located in Sainte-Flavie, Quebec. It is the work of Canadian artist Marcel Gagnon. Used with permission and courtesy from the Centre d'Art Marcel Gagnon.)

The Refuse Chronicles

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