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BKP Award-winning Anthologies - Ottawa's Incredible Literary Talents!

Broken Keys Publishing's Award-winning Anthologies!

Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology

Ottawa Awards, Best Book of the Year, 2021

Love & Catastrophe Poetre

Ottawa Awards, Best Book of the Year, 2022

Ghosts and Other Chthonic Macabres

Ottawa Awards, Best Book of the Year, 2023


These incredible line up of some of Ottawa's best, up-and-coming, award-winning, and influential authors (Top Authors 2022) are included in these collections!

Jana Begovic

Anna Blauveldt

Brigitte Boulay

Kimberly Bowie

Summer Breeze

Tawnis Commanda

Jim Davies

George Foster

Genevieve V. Georget

Pooja Grover

Katherine Imbleau

Codi Jeffreys

George Foster

Matthew Lalonde

Samantha Paige Maskell

Allan McCarville

Sharleen McCorrister

Jocy Medina

John C. Nash

John W. Partington

Dr. Ian Prattis

Jen Pretty

Emma Schuster

Sara Scally

Jagjeet Sharma

Stephanie Shotton

Laurie Stewart

Michel Weatherall

Jamieson Wolf


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Sunday, June 4th at Stittsville Arts in the Park.


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