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How We Feel: The Brain Colouring and Learning Book, Vol. 2

The Brain Colouring and Learning Book, Volume 1, released October 2023, is now available at


Now, come the end of April, 2024, volume 2 - How We Feel: The Brain Colouring and Learning Book - will be released!

Yet another title in Broken Keys Publishing & Press' Sustainable Publishing, How We Feel is also eco-friendly!


"If the medical and graduate students whom I teach had access to these informative and delightful lessons, I could probably skip presenting my lectures on touch and pain!"

-- Allan Basbaum, PhD, Neuroscientist, University of California, San Francisco.

"With a delightful array of fun activities, the authors unravel the mysteries of our tactile senses, making the fundamentals of touch and pain biology accessible to both children and parents!"

-- Philippe Séguéla, PhD Neuroscientist, McGill University.

"This delightful colouring book offers a fun and creative way to explore the science of touch and pain for both kids and adults like."

-- Michael Hildrebrand, PhD Neuroscientist, Carleton University.

"As a neurosurgeon and a mom, this is a fun and educational way for kids to learn about the brain and neuroscience! The second edition compliments the first and is packed with knowledge that keeps learning entertaining!"

-- Dr. Betsy Grunch, PhD, MD, FAANS, FACS, Neurosurgeon.

"This colouring book is so informative and fun that parents and teachers will be tempted to keep it for themselves rather than letting kids use it!"

-- David Linden, PhD, Neuroscientist, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Author of Touch : The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind.

"This book is a brilliant fusion of science and art that helps break down complex neuroscience topics - as a pain specialist I can see this is an amazing resource for children and adults!"

-- Fiona Campbell, MD, Professor, University of Toronto & Chronic Pain Program Medical Director, The Hospital for Sick Children.


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