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Breaking News: Broken Keys Publishing & Press Wins Ottawa's Best Printing Company Award for 2024!

Updated: Jun 4

Broken Keys Publishing & Press is proud to announce, we have won the 2024 Ottawa Awards in the category of Ottawa's Best Printing Company, and we mean it quite literally when we say "we."

This is a team and group effort; a community. This is the recognition and support from an extensive list of individuals, companies, subcontractors, authors, poets, writers, models, narrators, radio and TV personalities, photographers, editors, happy clients, bookstores, and the list goes on and on.

With over 37 years background in the print/publishing industry, we are proud to be part of this city's literary and print landscape. It is our endeavour to bring quality service, print material, and most importantly, literature and printed books into our stores, and into our authors' hands. To help guide our up-and-coming writers, authors, and poets safely and profitably through the print and publishing landscape, to help support readership and steer booklovers towards our local bookshops, and to foster a responsible and healthy environmental footprint.

Special thanks need to be extended to the following people and businesses:

Anna Blauveldt, Jagjeet Sharma, Nancy Steele, Scott Cravens, Dr. Maria Zamfir, Allysina Shinestoen, Dr. Marion Van Horn, Jana Begovic, Mike Sadava, Sharleen McCorrister, Pat Moore, Mary Moore, Stephanie Hill, Michael Adubato, Lydia Schoch, Mark Antony Rossi, Julie Beun, Rachel Brown, Codi Jeffreys, Samantha Underhill, Dr. Rongo Wetere, Rachel Gilmore, Israa Jomaa, Mary Elin Moore, Stuti Mukherjee, Angela Holmyard, Mylee Batista, Claudine Vivian, Yazmine Asgarali, Angela Holmyard Photography, Anna Odeh Photography, JJ Wenzel Images, Mick Howard, John Wenzel, Jonathan Maberry, Nancy LaFlamme, Dylan Black, Cee Lawrence, Jeff Laroque, Michael Houston (tic), CKCU-FM, Paul Atkinson, Maximillian Alexander, Kimberly Bowie, Derick Fage, Rogers Daytime Ottawa TV, Uzma Khan, Jamieson Wolf, Dr. Ian Prattis, Genevieve Georget, Jocy Medina, Allan McCarville, Jim Davies, Gipsy Ghosh, Jen Murphy, Laurie Stewart, John W. Partington, Brigette Boulay, Sal Maskell, Emma Schuster, George Foster, John C. Nash, Summer Breeze, Katherine Imbleau, Matthew Lalonde, Sara Scally-Lalonde, Pooja Grover, Stephanie Shotton, Tawnis Commanda, and Rhona Morin.

I am sure this list isn't complete nor extensive, and if I've missed you, my most sincere apologies.

It has been 2-1/2 years since we fully expand into printing with the new imprint of Broken Keys Publishing & Press. Launched in September 2021 we have been recognized year after year for our work ethic and quality and service, and this is in no small part to everyone involved with us. This is truly Ottawa's literary landscape's award. This is a sign of progress and positive change.

As of March 2024 we will be shifting into and promoting Sustainable Publishing.

Are you ready to change the world?

The answer's in your hands!

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