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Cee Lawrence reads again!

Updated: Oct 7

In 2020 local singer/songwriter and musician Cee Lawrence contributed to our first anthology - Thin Places: The Ottawan Anthology (Ottawa Awards, 2021 Book of the Year), by narrating George Foster's short story, Belt Buckle.

Broken Keys Publishing & Press is proud to announce Cee Lawrence will be joining us again, narrating a short story from the award-winning anthology, Ghosts and Other Chthonic Macabres (Ottawa Awards, 2023 Book of the Year), showcasing some of Ottawa's best and up-and-coming literary talents (as well as local photographer John Wenzel - and featuring Ottawa's award-winning model, Mylee Rae on the book's cover).

Short stories to be read have not yet been decided, but that marks two vocal talents onboard! Cee Lawrence and Maximillian Alexander!

Or... you can vote on which story you'd like to hear Cee Lawrence read:

Blackburn Manor (Allan McCarville)

The Drink (Jim Davies)

The Folly (George Foster)

Monsters (Michel Weatherall)

Harvest Festival (Anna Blauveldt)

The Masked Cotillion (Emma Schuster)

iWitness (Matthew Lalonde)

The Last House on Macalister Street (Sara Scally(

Dream Eater (Summer Breeze)

The Forgotten Dress (Jana Begovic)

Framed (Codi Jeffreys)

Beautiful Killer (Summer Breeze)

Demon Hunter (Allan McCarville)

Running Water (Michel Weatherall)

Spirits of Strife (Matthew Lalonde)


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