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Discover the Wonders of the Brain with this Fun New Colouring Book

The Brain Colouring and Learning Book is a smart way to teach people about the human brain. The authors and their colleagues were at a recent book signing in Ottawa's Billings Bridge shopping centre. Top, left to right: Michel Weatherall, Elaine Boyd, co-author Dr. Marion Van Horn and Sarah Wallis. Bottom, left to right: Co-author Dr. Maria Zamfir and Sarah Boyd. [Photo © Polina Ilinykh]

Doctors Maria Zamfir and Marion Van Horn are interviewed and talk about their latest books, The Brain Colouring and Learning Book, Vol. 1, at a book signing at Coles Billings Bridge Plaza. Read the interview here.

Interested in picking up a copy for a loved one for Christmas?

The Brain Colouring and Learning Book is currently available at

Coles Billings Bridge

Indigo Pinecrest

Books on Beechwood, &

The Museum of Science and Tech (souvenir shop)

Want a signed copy? Talk to the doctors themselves? We've got you covered!

Dr. Maria Zamfir will be at Books on Beechwood on December 2nd, from 11am-2pm.


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