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Double Delight: Our Brand Receives Two 2024 Award Nominations

We were just informed this morning that Broken Keys Publishing & Press has been nominated for the 2024 Canadian Choice Award (in the catagory of Printer/Publisher).

Behind great businesses are great people and the Canadian Choice Awards gives people a chance to voice their support for exceptional professionals and businesses in Canada.

And we were also informed this morning that Broken Keys Publishing & Press' Editor-in-Chief (Michel Weatherall) has been nominated in the Inspire 2024 Achievement Awards.

These Awards are in recognition of outstanding contributions to our Canadian society.

What a day this Thursday, November 16th has turned out to be! We are both surpised and humbled by these nominations, but the real thanks and recognition needs to be extended to the incredible talents, artists, writers, poets, and authors - that we have the privilege to work with, support, and showcase. Ottawa is rich with literary talent (and abroad!)


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