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First time in print: Down Darkened Corridors

First time in print, Weatherall's Down Darkened Corridors is best described by Lydia Schoch as "this collection as a charcuterie board of Weatherall's writing chops. There are little nibbles of many other emotions and experiences sprinkled among his numerous references to the many shapes that loneliness can take: regret, guilt, forgiveness, a bone-deep longing for a better world, and even a few tangy references to how Covid-19 has changed not only our daily habits, but how we live in our most intimate moments when we don't feel safe interacting in person."

Down Darkened Corridors is a jump off point into Weatherall's poetry and writing, replete with commentaries and links to further reading.

"Weatherall's dark poetry is like the edge of a knife with which he pries under his own and the reader's comfort zone. Exposing the ominous hum of his own darkness, Weatherall reminds us that only by facing our shadows and shining a light of introspection on them can we expunge them. Chiselling this shadow world into verses, he gives us hope that with lyrical gentleness we can all find self-forgiveness."

—Jana Begovic,

author of Poisonous Whispers, poet and senior editor at Ariel Chart Literary Journal

"... the philosophical personality emerges from the poet and starkly points out the boring restrictions inherent in social conformity. We learn the "freedom" promoted in congruency is a facsimile destined to morph into a stifling existence for a creative individual."

—Mark Antony Rossi,

Ariel Chart International Journal's Editor-in-Chief

Sitting at the crossroads of art and life is where Michel excels, as he describes what it's like to have one foot on each side of their respective lines and having no interest in choosing one world over the other.”

—Lydia Schoch,

Science-fiction author & Blogger


Author, Poet, Publisher, Printer, Imagination-weaver. A native of Ottawa, Michel Weatherall grew up as an army-brat living in Europe and Germany and has since travelled extensively.

Having over 37 years experience in the print/publishing industry, the transition to self-publishing was a natural step with his publication company, Broken Keys Publishing & Press.

His poem “This Burden I Bear” appeared in This Could Be The Last Time: A Collection of Poems on Pandemics, Places, and Everything (April 2020) (Apt613).

Other works have appeared in Ariel Chart's International Journal (the poems “Sun & Moon,” “This Burden I Bear,” “Eleven’s Silent Promise” and the sci-fi short story “Rupture,” and several articles), as well as The Indian Periodical (“Jacob's Darkness”). His theological essay “The Voice of Sophia” has been published in American theologian Thomas Jay Oord’s The Uncontrolling Love of God: An Open and Relational Account of Providence (2015).

Accolades and Awards include

  • 2023 Creative Visionary Award

Weatherall's other accolades include

  • 2021 Best of the Net Nominee for “Purgation”

  • 2020-21 Parliamentary Poet Laureate Nominee

  • 2020 Best of the Net Nominee for ”This Burden I Bear”

  • 2019 Pushcart Prize Nominee (Poetry),

  • 2019 FEBE Awards Nominee for Creative Arts,

  • 2019 CPACT Awards Nominee for Entertainment Excellence (Arts),

  • 2018-19 Faces of Ottawa Awards Finalist for Best Author.


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