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Introducing Jihan Hemod

Updated: Jun 6

Broken Keys Publishing & Press is proud to announce our new poet's release of her debut book - Tidal Blooms: Poetic Tales, by Jihan Hemod.

Tidal Blooms is Miss Hemod's irrepressible introduction into poetry. Like a tidal force, this triad of collected poetry is Jihan unfolding, revealing, and blossoming into the world of literature. This initial forte into the genre is a force to be reckoned with; Powerful, reflective, and introspective.”

-- Michel Weatherall, Editor-in-Chief, Broken Keys Publishing & Press


Jihan is a keen poetry enthusiast who has been enthralling her English and Creative Writing teachers with her lyrical capacities since early school days. She equally take pleasure in writing short stories. For her, words are more than just a means of expression, as she wields them with finesse as formidable weapons. Topics and genres she enjoys to write include self-help and development, mysteries, thrillers, and fantasy.


“Jihan is a remarkable young woman. I had the pleasure of teaching her career life education at Gleneagle Secondary School. I quickly realized that the amount of effort and care she put into her studies, her ability to manage time and meet deadlines, and the high-quality work she produced were unmatched. Jihan is kind, gentle, soft spoken yet confident, and always ready to help. I was surprised, yet wasn’t, to find out her hidden talent: poetry. Reading her poems will give us all an insight into the teenage mind, heart, and soul. Thanks, Jihan, for sharing!”

-- Maria Grega,

Gleneagle Secondary School teacher


Tidal Blooms will be released and available worldwide on Amazon in June 2024.

In the web of life, we encounter a myriad of emotions – each playing a role in the clips of our existence. In this collection, Jihan invites you to take a trek with her through the profound depths of human experience: from the tender or not so tender whispers of love, where hearts are allowed to intertwine or retreat, to the raw and insistent grip of grief and loss, where our shattered pieces seek comfort in the dark, to the beginning blooms of healing, channeling all that pain into wisdom, scars into strength, and hope into promise. Each poem within this collection acts as a guidepost, paving the way forward through the complexities of this web. They are reminders of our shared humanity, drawing attention to what unites us all. Through these verses, I hope you find the beauty in our vulnerabilities, strength in our struggles, and redemption in our spirits. So let us shoulder this journey together, and know that with each turn of the page, we are within close proximity to understanding ourselves and the world around us. 

The tide of our emotions rises and falls

Like flowers folded, blooming calls.


Tidal Blooms is a Sustainable Publishing title.


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