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Love Defined: A Must-Read Book by Nancy Steele, Available Now

Broken Keys Publishing & Press is proud to announce the release of Love Defined: Discover God's Love for You, by Nancy Steele.

Love Defined invites you to explore the depths of God's love for you through the reading, meditation, and refelction of 48 scripture passages. Using the discpline of Lectio Divina the reader is encouraged to journey through the scriptures to discover God's love for them in a very personal way.

Wherever you are in life, this journal and workbook can allow you to experience the depth of God's love. Step into this worderful workbook as you mediate on God's living and active Word.

Join Nancy Steele as you discover God's heart is full of love for you, that He made you, and you are His beloved child. Love Defined is a devotional workbook that invites the reader to journey through the landscape of what love means, is, and how it can transform. This devotional journal can be used individually or in small groups.


All author's profits from this book go to Harvest House Ministries based in Ottawa, Canada.


You can purchase or order copies of Love Defined from Amazon, through

her website, or through her publisher, Broken Keys Publishing & Press.


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