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A Plum Hollow Coven Story: Awakening

by Anna Blauveldt

To say it isn't the best of times for the unconventional Harmony Drake would be an understatement. Losing her mother and her job at the onset of the pandemic, she later learns plans are afoot to destroy the beloved forest beside her trailer park home to make room for a luxury condo complex. Complicating things even more is the unruly magic swirling in and around her. With her life turned upside down, can she ever make it right again? Harmony's surprising journey takes her one mystical step after the other into the supernatural world of her ancestor, Mother Barnes, the Witch of Plum Hollow.

Awakening is a light-hearted story of self-discovery. It is about finding strength in family ties and nurturing the powers inside to achieve one's goals.


"Awakening is a fast-paced and fun fantasy that had me engaged from the start. The author writes in a highly accessible style that brings her characters to life on the page."

— Don Trowden, author of the Normal People series

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Sun & Moon

by Michel Weatherall

Returning to print for the first time in years.

“Sun & Moon explores emotional quandaries through an enigmatic lens. The sobriety of madness, the fretting away of the poet's sanity.

“It is fear and hope given voice in the same breath.”

—'Seph Sayers

“The greeting card morality of the unthinking is precisely why books like Sun & Moon are cesarean born into a turbulent world. The poet is tasked with provoking emotional intelligence by awakening the sleepy conscience of a community that often confuses the demands of security with the desires of liberty.”

—Mark Antony Rossi, author of Strength to be Human podcast and book

“This relatable work is a tumultuous river that runs through the hard times and quiet times that touch every life. It carries you from beginning to end and leaves you with the final line ‘Left in the wake of your absence, now winter’s descended.’ The curtain call to a wonderful work.

“A must read for poets and those poetic at heart. I look forward to reading more of Michel’s intriguing work.”

—Jen Pretty, author. 2019 Faces of Ottawa Awards Favourite Author Finalist

“Raw emotion... and powerful words weaved together in beautiful poetic form.”

—Michelle Young, author of Salt & Light and Without Fear,

2019 Faces of Ottawa Awards Favourite Author Finalist

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Necropolis 10th Anniversary: The Alia Moubayed Edition

by Michel Weatherall

Necropolis 10th Anniversary: The Alia Moubayed Edition, is the second book of the Lovecraftian-horror, The Symbiot Trilogy. Book 1: The Symbiot 30th Anniversary: The Nadia Edition, Book 3: The Refuse Chronicles

Woven throughout this entire literary piece are the stories of characters forgotten from the original novella, The Symbiot. Written as three separate pieces, following 6 story lines set in 3 different ages, Necropolis is intricate storytelling!


The first piece tells the story of the fall and demise of the ancient Egyptian man-god, Pharaoh Nyarlathotep. 


The second brings us back to the characters we left in the previous book, ten years later. The promises hinted at in TheHunt: Symbiosys, do not disappoint and come to fruition in Necropolis, with full blown Lovecraftian-mythos monsters!


"It's Modern Tech versus forgotten aeons-old evil.”


It has been a decade since The Hunt and the Gibbons' children are humanity's last hope! The sequel to The Symbiot spans three millennia – from Pharaoh Nyarlathotep's genesis and demise, to the discovery of the derelict Japanese destroyer, The Yamayuki, to the world shattering rising of R'lyeh!


The world is at its end!

R'lyeh has risen!

Cthulhu's high priest has awoken!

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn!

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Measure of a Wo/Man

by Jagjeet Sharma

What is the measure of a woman? She is immeasurable. She is strong. She is a double force to reckon with. Jagjeet Sharma’s “journalistic poetry” continues in this new poetry collection, Measure of a Wo/man.


Poems in this collection are about the Wo/man. The Hindu God Shiva’s ardhanishvara, a concept that she is both half man and half woman. Lord Shiva, one of the Hindu gods is referred to as the ultimate man, but one form of Shiva is also a fully developed woman. The masculine and the feminine are equally divided within yourself, within oneself. It is about the struggles and challenges a Wo/man faces day in and day out in any part of the world.


“Jagjeet’s poems use simple language, but are extremely profound and relatable”

-The North Grenville Times, May 2, 2018


“...even when the poems are relatively simple, moves one to reflect on contemporary society, power structures, the surviving fragments of our own traditions and on ourselves”

- Review by Christopher Adam

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Love Defined: Discover God's Love for You

by Nancy Steele


Love Defined is a devotional workbook that invites the reader to discover God’s love for them as they meditate and reflect using Lectio Divina or Sacred Reading.

All profits from this book go to Harvest House Ministries based in Ottawa, Canada.

How would you define God’s love? Can you?

Love Defined invites you to explore the depths of God’s love for you through the reading, meditation, and reflection of 48 scripture passages. Using the discipline of Lectio Divina, the reader is encouraged to journey through the scriptures to discover God’s love for them in a very personal way.


Wherever you’re at in life, consider this God’s invitation to reexperience (or experience for the first time) the depth of His love for you. Step into God’s wonderful love for you. Learn as you meditate on God’s living and active Word how much and in how many ways He loves you.


Lost Americana - ebook cover.jpg

Lost Americana: The End of the American Dream

by Scott Cravens


As a once great culture flounders, Lost Americana: The End of the American Dream views, through the fictional lens of a quagmire of existential dread, crime, terrorism, poverty, the darkness of narcissism, and the spiritual delusion of a corrupted Christianity and perverted religiosity, navigating a landscape of Absurdism at its zeniths and Nihilism at its nadirs, American's search for purpose and meaning.


Cravens' collection of sixteen vignettes views a stumbling culture's path through suicide, abuse, neglect, escapism, infidelity, perversity, and existentialism. A prediction of the future? Social commentary? Or what has already come to pass? Whether its reader is American or World Citizen, this collection will leave one questioning the American way and its path forward.

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The Brain Colouring and Learning Books, Vol. 1

by Dr. Maria Zamfir & Dr. Marion Van Horn


Two neuroscientists, having spent years doing experiments investigating the intricate details of how the brain works - and also moms, having a lot of experience helping brains develop in real life!


The fruition of their time, energy, labour, and experiences is this fun and educational colouring book as a guide to help introduce the brain to you and your family!

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Balancing Reality Series.jpg

Allysina Shinestone's Balancing Reality Octology

Books 1-6


Mad Monks and Blood Diamonds

Circumstantial Encounters

Masked Intentions

Gathering Fragments

The Forgotten Fear

Entranced Entanglement

The female protagonist - Clairisa Vinson - experiences the struggles of high school while coping with a bombardment of supernatural events. Balancing her two realities comes with its own unique set of challenges. Based on real life experiences with a fictional adaptation; readers will recognize the local landmarks and hotspots from Ontario, Canada.


Mishko the Friendly Bat

by Jana Begovic


Yet another children's book from the creative mind of Jana Begovic!

(Illustrations by Olha Vysotska).

This children's book tells the story of Mishko, the friendly bat, who befriends two brothers and convincing their mother exactly what kind of friend and loyalty Mishko is!

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Troubled Waters

by Mike Sadava


In the Pacific Ocean off Canada's west coast, Kate Keller's sailboat starts mysteriously disintegrating, leaving her clinging to the mast. This catastrophe was caused by an out of-control cocktail of engineered bacteria to rid the oceans of plastic. It's just the beginning of a looming world spanning disaster threatening shipping and all marine transportation.


Meanwhile an idealistic young marine biologist, Esme Berkowicz has recently arrived on pastoral Blenkinsop Island to take her dream job with the laboratory that is engineering the bacteria.


In the battle to neutralize this threat, both Kate and Esme discover the laboratory and the American billionaire who started it – and not all is it appears to be!


This novel poses the question: can humankind save itself from its own folly?

A Time for All Seasons - Sharleen McCorrister.jpg

A Time for All Seasons

by Sharleen A. McCorrister


A Time For All Seasons offers insight to gentle thoughts of Spring, warmth of sunny summer days, foreshadowing the solitude that Autumn brings and the grip of Winter. Sharleen brings each season alive by breathing life into nature and portraying textures that invite each to claim as their own.

As the reader wanders from season to season, they will find a special moment to embrace. The senses come alive in each poem making one want to pause, hold the moment and seek emotions wakened through words. This collection offers a variety of poems written to appeal to every personality.

“Poetry that passes through the doors of the heart in an effortless arrival at one's soul.”

- M. Davidowitz

“Creative and inspirational with a touch of longing.”

- P.W. Rath

“Echoes of pathetic fallacy, both haunting and beautiful.”

- L. Waddington

A Time for All Seasons is the first book of a series coming from Sharleen McCorrister, the sequel, soon to be released and following this collection, titled, The Death Whisperer, will chronicle the author's experiences, poetry, and anecdotes of being a Death Doula.

The Death Whisperer - Online cover.jpg

The Death Whisperer

by Sharleen A. McCorrister

The sequel and follow up to Sharleen McCorrister's A Time for All Seasons, The Death Whisperer will chronicle the author's experiences, poetry, and anecdotes of being a Death Doula.

For there is season for all things, including death.

Under A Maple Tree - Jagjeet Sharma.jpg

Under a Maple Tree

by jagjeet Sharma


Under a Maple Tree is a mixed and random collection of poetry, a byproduct of the Covid-19 pandemic; sometimes its cure worse than the disease, causing devastation and destruction, leaving our lives in the wake of division and a pendulum of emotions.


Once a peaceful country, post-Covid Canada has found itself in a conundrum of incongruities and divisions, its very unity and stability in question; socially, politically, and economically.


A random collection of social and political discourse put in poetic form - a reflection of our times - the news stories of 2022 – Covid-19 - the truckers convoy – the neglect and abuse of our elders in our long term care facilities - the horrific findings of our residential schools. This collection is a continuation of the author's journey and journalistic poetry.


And as we exit this pandemic as a society, as we begin collecting our wits, as the shell shock abates and healing can slowly commence, Under a Maple Tree is the beginning of this journey, a time when we can begin to digest and reflect upon these past tumultuous years.

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Clean Water for Lukong

by Pat Moore


Clean Water for Lukong is the story of a day in the life of a little boy named Lukong, who lives in Kumbo, Cameroon. Lukong is learning about the importance of clean water, and how proud he feels to play a role in the family by helping get the water from the public stand tap, keeping it clean, and helping with related tasks.


Written by Pat Moore, and illustrated by Mary Moore, this book serves both for literacy, and to teach about clean water. It is a beautiful book for young readers, and informs western kids about a day in the life of another culture. As of February 2011, 100 of these books have made their way to Kumbo, for kids in the local reading centre, the library, and neighbourhood schools and homes. The book is making its way to children through the Kumbo Water Authority Improvement Project. Five books have also made their way to children in Ghana. Our “buy a copy for Africa” program enables you to contribute to literacy and education about clean water in Africa. Each copy you buy for Africa will be sent to Cameroon and/or other locations in Africa.

Ebook Cover - Final - The Leavetaking - Oct 16.jpg

The Leavetaking

by Anna Blauveldt

A successful author. Her lifelong friends. A luxurious birthday weekend at a posh resort. The perfect setting to make memories they can cherish forever. At least, that was the plan.


But all is not right with Molly, a terminally ill woman in a less-than-fulfilling marriage who celebrates her 65th birthday with three old college classmates. During their getaway, closely held secrets in their interwoven backstories – an affair, an accidental death, an addicted daughter, and, of course, Molly's illness – are finally revealed, with consequences for their friendships. And in the end, long after she returns to the reality of daily life, Molly must come to terms with her own mortality and the world she will leave in her wake.

"The Leavetaking" is about betrayal and forgiveness, courage and compassion. Most of all, it is about forging one's own path to serenity and helping others to find theirs.


Ghosts and Other Chthonic Macabres


This collection of ghost and horror stories will feature Broken Keys Publishing's authors and other Ottawan writing talents!

Award-winning model Mylee Batista will grace its cover, photo by John Wenzel.

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Kat and the Meanies

by Anna Blauveldt

Kat's Mom and Dad have lots of rules for her to follow...SO many, in fact, she's sure they belong to a Meany Club!

What's a girl to do? Kat dreams of slipping away to find fun in all sorts of places...

Who knows where her journeys will take her?

Release date: November 3rd, 2022

10 - Poisonous Whispers.jpg

Poisonous Whispers

by Jana Begovic



"Don't you ever forget about me...", he whispers during their secret encounters. Like a curse, these simple words now haunt Leandra, a reputable psychiatrist, who finds herself in emotional chaos after the sudden breakup of her illicit affair. Unable to heal on her own and tormented by dreams in which supernatural forces create havoc with her fate, she desperately turns to David, a colleague psychiatrist, asking him to take her through past-life regression therapy. She hopes that this unorthodox and somewhat suspect technique will explain her profound connection to the lover who has abandoned her so abruptly.

The sessions take Leandra through 17th and 19th century Ireland, Italy and England, where love, loss and betrayal are the leitmotifs in an ambiance of co-mingled fantasy and reality. In her hypnotic state, Leandra recounts a saga of intoxicating love, dizzying passion, flaming lust and profound heartbreak. Despite the painful answers she finds under hypnosis, Leandra still cannot let go of the hope to reunite with her lover. Ultimately, the shattering revelations from her past-life incarnations, along with the turmoil over her ruined marriage, become the stepping stones of her introspective path to healing, self-discovery and an appreciation of true love.

With its seamlessly interwoven sub-plots, Poisonous Whispers lures the reader from one continent to another, from past to present. The affair at the center of the story is an anatomy of the heart in which the heroine's sorrow-laced journey reflects the universal themes of love and loss.

8 - Missing the Exit.jpg

Missing the Exit

by Michael Adubado



Michael Adubato, being a man of many talents and experiences, perceives the world through a compassionate and undeceived lens. Writing in vers libre, the common language of his work justifies more than a single reading. Abubato's free verse poems are mostly lighter and observatory in tone, but can range from harsh objectivity to darker humour. Having travelled extensively, a notebook his companion, he brings these experiences to his literary endeavours. Born and raised in New Jersey, this American poet now resides in Belgium.


"In these poems, Adubato takes his readers on a journey around neighborhoods and across continents. Over meals with friends made throughout his travels, and through the sights and sounds he encounters as he explores destinations brand new and familiar, these poems stir all of our senses and encourage us to embark on our own excursions at home or abroad. This eclectic collection turns our negative response to "Missing the Exit" into one of the highlights of the trip."

--Lynne McEniry, poet and author of some other wet landscape


"MICHAEL ADUBATO's poems are those of the intelligent, alert poet who experiences and perceives the world around him with a compassionate and undeceived sensibility. As a former soldier, engaged in enabling the armed forces of different countries to communicate with each other in a common language his poems can range from harsh observation, to military black humour. However, most of the poems are lighter in tone than these two quotations with John Ashbery, the Beats, Charles Bukowski, Robert Frost, Frank O'Hara and Patti Smith registering stylistically in well-written free verse which bears reading more than once. They have been culled from Adubato's notebook kept during his travels and sometimes there are lines that remain in the mind through their disturbing originality."

-- James Sytherland-Smith, poet and author of The River and the Black Cat

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Down Darkened Corridors

by Michel Weatherall


"This collection bears testimony to how valiantly Weatherall embarks on an inner journey, mining the darkness in his shadow world and transmuting it into the aesthetic of verse.


"He paints images that are a tangle of anger, guilt, helplessness, wounded childhood to the point of instilling both a sense of discomfort in the reader and of admiration for the courage to come face to face anew with the disturbing past.


"Feels like a jolt to the reader, like a reminder that life is a play that cannot escape from the falling of the final curtain. His verse "..spare the child, spoil the rod" evokes an image of child abuse that sends shivers down one's spine


"Weatherall's dark poetry is like the edge of a knife with which he pries under his own and the reader's comfort zone. Exposing the ominous hum of his own darkness, Weatherall reminds us that only by facing our shadows and shining a light of introspection on them can we expunge them. Chiseling this shadow world into verses, he gives us hope that with lyrical gentleness we can all find self-forgiveness."


-- Jana Begovic, author of Poisonous Whispers, poet and senior editor at Ariel Chart Literary Journal

"... the philosophical personality emerges from the poet and starkly points out the boring restrictions inherent in social conformity. We learn the "freedom" promoted in congruency is a facsimile destined to morph into a stifling existence for a creative individual."


-- Mark Antony Rossi,

Ariel Chart International Journal's Editor-in-Chief

6 - Love & Catastrophe Poetre - w Award.jpg

Winner of the Faces of Ottawa Book of the Year, 2022 Award.

This collection of local Ottawa poets address the loves and losses during the catastrophies of 2020.

"There is so much of love in this collection, so much to love in the time of a pandemic, to abuse the phrase. In a period where we are bereft of touch and intimacy, love in all its forms encourages us to connect and, better yet, to hope. And, as much as love hurts in "Touch," love always has the power to heal a very broken world.

"Love changes and changes us with it, as evidenced in this marvellous collection of poems that encompass so much in so little space."

Julie Beun

"This collection captures an outpouring of emotion from a year of catastrophe and loss, interwoven through the themes of wildfire, pandemic and hurricane. The poems are vignettes of sorrow, destruction, loneliness and separation, but also with glimmers of hope. For lovers of poignant poetry."

Rachel B. Brown, CEO
North Grenville Public Library

5 - Thin Places - w Award.jpg

Winner of the Faces of Ottawa

2021 Book of the Year Award!

Fourteen Ottawa authors,

fifteen short stories, one poem, an Award Winning local Publisher and editor,

and our very own Codi Jeffreys penning its foreword!


All with underlying themes of parallel universes and alternative realities.

Ottawa, are you ready to see what incredible literary richness this city has to offer?

This ARISE© event features a collection of all things Ottawa!

Sci-fi, poetry, dystopia, cosmic-horror, comedy, whimsical, fantasy, spiritual, horror, weird fiction, apocalyptic, drama, this collection runs the entire gamut!

9 - Little Dragon.jpg
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Little Dragon

by Jana Begovic



A delightful, fun and engaging story about a dragon whose misadventures are amusing and instructive. When Andro the little dragon catches a cold, his explosive sneezing wreaks havoc among his friends and family. His misadventures teach him not only a lesson about good manners, but also show him how he can turn the powerful blast from his nose into a useful weapon.


“A fun little tale with a lesson that your child will love. Cute and sure to make you smile.”


—Andrea B. Lamoureux, Author


“This is an adorable tale about a little dragon named Andro. The delightful story teaches children that If something doesn’t seem to be going right or appears to be a problem, you can change your perspective to see the brighter side. A valuable lesson for everyone!”


-- Beverly Knauer, an award-winning author


“Charming and poignant, Little Dragon gathers together community and family to remind children and adults alike—what appears a flaw just might become our superpower. Jana hits all the heart notes. If I have grandkids, this is on the top of my stack.”


—CK Page, Author

7 - Sadness of the Siren.jpg

Sadness of the Siren

by Samantha Underhill



The poetry of Samantha Underhill is haunting, darkly beautiful, and melancholic.


Follow her to the deep on an epic journey of honesty and vulnerability, where feelings and self-perceptions are artistically expressed in classic verse.


Naked truths of inward aching, reflect the muddled mixing of fear and anger within the role she has placed upon herself.


Hidden beneath the veneer of Greek mythology, lie the shapes and forms of loneliness, regret, ostracization, and longing desire for love and acceptance.


Painted images of injustice, misperceptions, and judgment in the Siren, she reveals a dichotic world, perched on the cusp betwixt isolation and inclusion.


Samantha Underhill's lyrical dark verses in Sadness of the Siren are a cautionary tale, plea, and warning, all in one breath.

4 - Symphonies of Horror.jpg

This books marks the first extra-author title Broken Keys Publishing has released!

This Appendum, Symphonies of Horror, is a collection of H.P. Lovecraft tales The Symbiot-Trilogy were based upon or made reference to.

If you purchase the entire Symbiot-Trilogy box set -
The Symbiot 30th Anniversary: The Nadia Edition, Necropolis & The Refuse Chronicles - this title will be added to your order for FREE!

1 - The Symbiot - Michel Weatherall.jpg

Book 1 of The Symbiot-Trilogy.

Celebrating The Symbiot's 30th anniversary since its inception, this special edition is available!

The Symbiot: 30th Anniversary, The Nadia Edition will include, for the first time in print, books 1 and 2 (The Symbiot and The Hunt: Symbiosys) in this volume!


"One man's musical passion leads on a temporal hunt through a Lovecraftian world on a collision course with extinction! Reminiscent with Guy de Maupassant's The Horla"
'Seph Sayers, Blogger & Book Reviewer

"Devoted music enthusiast and accomplished pianist, Lorne S. Gibbons, realizes the grim truth regarding a long lost and forbidden music as an evil entity is unleashed which threatens all existing life of Earth. As a crescendo of unknowable forces prepare to wipe out anyone in their way, Lorne and Veronica begin a race against complete annihilation. With little reinforcements, Lorne and Veronica have to fight against the god-aspiring creature to avoid further bloodshed. However, when godly power collides with humanity, the results are devastating."
Joshua Hubley

"In the Symbiot, Weatherall has created a spine chilling tale reminiscent of the style of Stephen King"

TDC Book Reviews

“Lovecraftian atmosphere and themes at their best. Michel Weatherall is a master of this style of horror - he’ll keep you up all night reading, then for days just thinking about it.”

Apt 613's Laurie Stewart,  Author

Cover Model: Mary Elin Moore

Hair and Make-up Artist: Fatima Abeduljalil
Original photograph by Angela Holmyard
Used with permission and courtesy from Angela Holmyard Photography ©2018, all rights reserved.
Photo editing: Michel Weatherall


2 - Necropolis - Michel Weatherall.jpg

Book 2 of The Symbiot-Trilogy.

"Woven throughout this entire literary piece are the stories of characters forgotten from the original novella, The Symbiot. Written as three separate pieces, following 6 story lines set in 3 different ages, Necropolis is intricate storytelling!


"The first piece tells the story of the fall and demise of the ancient Egyptian man-god, Pharaoh Nyarlathotep. 

"The second brings us back to the characters we left in the previous book, ten years later. The promises hinted at in The Hunt: Symbiosys, do not disappoint and come to fruition in Necropolis, with full blown Lovecraftian-mythos monsters!


"It's Modern Tech versus forgotten aeons-old evil, with a reminiscent flavouring similar to Grandma Death's fictitious book (Donnie Darko, 2001)!


"It has been a decade since The Hunt and the Gibbons' children are humanity's last hope!


"The Symbiot Series spans three millennia - from Pharaoh Nyarlathotep's genesis and demise, to the discovery of the derelict Japanese Destroyer, the Yamayuki, to the world shattering rising of R'lyeh!


"The world is at its end!

R'lyeh has risen!

Cthulhu's high priest has awoken!

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Fhtagn!"

'Seph Sayers, Blogger & Reviewer

3 - The Refuse Chronicles - Michel Weatherall.jpg

Book 3 of The Symbiot-Trilogy.

The final installment in The Symbiot Series (books 6-22),  The Refuse Chronicles is a collection of sorrowful novelettes revisiting lost & forgotten secondary characters throughout the series; the human debris and fallout of the catastrophic events.



47° 9'S 126° 43'W

06   –   02   –   2005:

The Rising of R'lyeh


The world has changed since The Event.

It will never be the same.


Ancient and forgotten Cults stir in the darkness.

The UNCGSC desperately prepares for a war they know is inevitable.

Tamara Takahara – Tamara Gibbons – the last Symbiocyst returns; the consequences obliterating.

The Machine searches for humanity's only hope and salvation.

Titanic forces are in motion, their collision unavoidable.


The Event may have changed the world,

but the fallout has yet to come.


All will be gambled.

All will be lost.


Be prepared. There is no tomorrow.

(Photo is of Le Grand Rassemblement (The Grand Gathering), located in Sainte-Flavie, Quebec. It is the work of Canadian artist Marcel Gagnon. Used with permission and courtesy from the Centre d'Art Marcel Gagnon.)

Ngaro's Sojourney.jpg

“Ngaro's Sojourney is extremely well written...
...exciting action throughout...
...a world doomed to destruction and despair...
...a white knuckled ride in an ocean of mystery and intrigue...
This novel has potential to make a very good film.”

Dr. Rongo H Wetere, ONZM, FNZIM
Maniapoto Tribe from Aotearoa (Maori Cultural Advisor)


“Ngaro’s Sojourney is an epic adventure that follows a Maori chieftain in a challenge that will test the bounds of faith, family, and friendship.


“In this first novel of his new Fractures series, Weatherall skillfully guides the reader through a mosaic of memorable trials and feats culminating into an elaborate tableau. Always the excellent storyteller, Weatherall produced a brochette of new and exciting characters who he led into the most unexpected circumstances, sure to surprise the reader.


“This solid story, strewed with movie-worthy action scenes and solid character development, left me satisfied yet eager to read the next book!”


Nancy Laflamme



Making his first appearance in The Refuse Chronicles’ novelette, Das Ghul, now the Māori chieftain’s full story is told!


Follow the 1850 Māori warrior in his nautical adventure to the South Pacific gyre, from forbidden and lost islands, cannibalistic tribes, volcanic isles, sleeping tiki-gods, and discover the Secret of the Lost Library City itself!


From the wastes of the Australian Great Sandy Desert to the desolate tundra of Grænland. From his homeland of Aoetearoa, New Zealand, to the nightmaric cradle of horror itself, this adventure is a white knuckled ride!


Home to a world doomed to destruction, Ngaro is its light!


One Ocean.

One Tribe.

One People.

One World.


Hope Rises.

A Dark Corner of My Soul - Michel Weatherall.jpg

Foreword by Lydia Schoch (blogger & Goodreads Author)


“A Dark Corner of my Soul”...was refreshing to read and well-written... a raw and honest compilation of poetry purely written from his heart. Dare I say, very Leonard Cohen-ish!" 

Brigitte Lord, author of We Live in the Shadows

     "An amazing collection of literary prose which Weatherall has kept locked in a desk drawer for two decades is now a short collection of dark and deeply disturbing  poems.

     "The reader is transported into the mind of someone suffering and you can see the images of his words as if they were your own.

     "As a sufferer myself, I was amazed at just how much he was able to write and convey how mental illness makes a sufferer feel. Those images which are so difficult to explain that haunt the head flow off the page, raw and exposed for all to see.

I couldn't possibly choose a favourite in the collection as they were all so powerful and beautifully written. Michel  has a true talent and after reading I felt he was extremely brave to share such wonderful, if dark work."

TDC Book Reviews

Darkness Falls w 2020 Award- instagram.jpg

The original and seminal work of Ottawa born author Michel Weatherall, The Symbiot-Trilogy is now available in its totality in this Collection.

This collection includes,
The Symbiot 30th Anniversary, The Nadia Edition
The Refuse Chronicles
, and
Symphonies of Horror, Inspirational Tales by H.P. Lovecraft: The Symbiot Appendum for FREE

"In The Symbiot, Weatherall has created a spine chilling tale reminiscent of the style of Stephen King."
TDC Book Reviews

“I noticed that some compare him to Stephen King but I have to say, he is better...  I devoured the book in one sitting and it left me wanting more!”
Codi Jeffreys, Lite 98.5 FM

“H.P. Lovecraft has new competition. Michel Weatherall is brilliant at creepy, psychological horror.”
Corvid Moon Publishing

“Lovecraftian atmosphere and themes at their best. Michel Weatherall is a master of this style of horror - he’ll keep you up all night reading, then for days just thinking about it.”
Apt. 613's Laurie Stewart, Author

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