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Measure of a Wo/Man Book Launch

Jagjeet Sharma is currently a finalist in the Faces of Ottawa Awards in the categories of Best Author and her book, Under a Maple Tree is a finalist for 2024 Book of the Year. Winners will be announced on March 8th, the very day of the new book release!

Winner of the Canadian Ethnic Media Association Award for Journalistic Excellence in 2021 in the Print Category and the 2023 CEMA Award in the Innovation Category for Journalistic Excellence, Jagjeet Sharma's journalistic poetry continues in this new poetry collection, Measure of a Wo/man. Available worldwide, tomorrow, March 8th!

It is also available for pre-order across numerous of your favourite platforms!

What is the measure of a woman? She is immeasurable. She is strong. She is a double force to reckon with.

Poems in this collection are about the Wo/man. The Hindu God Shiva’s ardhanishvara, a concept that she is both half man and half woman. Lord Shiva, one of the Hindu gods is referred to as the ultimate man, but one form of Shiva is also a fully developed woman. The masculine and the feminine are equally divided within yourself; within oneself. It is about the struggles and challenges a Wo/man faces day in and day out in any part of the world.

Jagjeet’s poems use simple language, but are extremely profound and relatable”

-The North Grenville Times, May 2, 2018

What is the measure of a woman? She is immeasurable. She is strong. She is a double force to reckon with.

“...even when the poems are relatively simple, moves one to reflect on contemporary society, power structures, the surviving fragments of our own traditions and on ourselves”

- Review by Christopher Adam


Jagjeet Sharma is a freelance journalist, poet, and author. She hosts a weekly radio show in Ottawa along with her team of dedicated volunteers on CKCU 93.1fm. She has four poetry collections to her credit.


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