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New Necropolis Edition and New Face of Alia Moubayed

Exciting news brewing!

Yes, it is a little bit ahead of itself, but exciting nevertheless.

Book 2 of The Symbiot Trilogy - Necropolis - will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in the not-to-distant future and plans are in the works for a special 10th Anniversary: The Alia Moubayed Edition!

This new edition will feature a local model as the face of one of the novel's antagonist, Alia Moubayed, and local photographer's work (the award-winning Anna Odeh Photography. You have seen her work on the cover of Love & Catastrophē Poetrē. featuring Stuti Mukherjee), similar in theme to The Symbiot's 30th Anniversary featuring Ottawa's award-winning model, Mary Elin Moore as the face of the antagonist Nadia! (Photography by the award-winning Angela Holmyard Photography).


Angela Holmyard has also appeared on the boxed-set of The Symbiot Trilogy - Darkness Falls, as the face of Tamara.


Although tentatively scheduled for release in late 2025, Necropolis 10th Anniversary, The Alia Moubayed edition will feature Israa Jomaa. You can check out some of her work on her Instagram account here.


Plans are to release new anniversary editions for the entire trilogy!

(2019) 30th Anniversary - The Symbiot - Mary Elin Moore - Nadia

(2020) Darkness Falls: The Symbiot Trilogy Box Set - Tamara - Angela Holmyard

(2026) 10th Anniversary - Necropolis - Israa jomaa - Alia Mouboyad

(2027) 10th The Refuse Chronicles - This edition will feature one of the trilogy's main antagonists, Saoirse Stanton, a beautiful half-breed Deep-One, but who could be the face of Saoirse Stanton?


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