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One of the Most Anticipated Book Releases of the Year: A Must-Read for Bookworms

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Broken Keys Publishing & Press is proud to announce the release of Scott Cravens' Lost Americana: The End of the American Dream.


As a once great culture flounders, Lost Americana: The End of the American Dream views, through the fictional lens of a quagmire of existential dread, crime, terrorism, poverty, the darkness of narcissism, and the spiritual delusion of a corrupted Christianity and perverted religiosity, navigating a landscape of Absurdism at its zeniths and Nihilism at its nadirs, American's search for purpose and meaning.

Cravens' collection of sixteen vignettes views a stumbling culture's path through suicide, abuse, neglect, escapism, infidelity, perversity, and existentialism. A prediction of the future? Social commentary? Or what has already come to pass? Whether its reader is American or World Citizen, this collection will leave one questioning the American way and its path forward.


Scott Cravens is an American writer and humorist whose work captures the nuance and subtlety of the American South. Born in Arkansas in the mid 90’s, his work is reflective of the commonly held sentiment that he and his fellow millennials share: "There is no American Dream. There is only this drab American Reality."


"Scott possesses that incurable ability to see absurdity where real tragedy occurs, processing America's worst nightmares through a vivid imagination that leaves readers haunted by laughing ghosts they didn't know existed. With fast words and a faster wit, you'd be wise to strap in and enjoy the wild ride."

--Thomas Johnson, Reviews Editor, West Trade Review


Available across numerous of your favourite platforms, from Kindle to Apple Books, Kobo, Thalia (Germany), Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Angus & Robertson (Australia), Vivlio (France), with more to come online in the following days!

Library and borrowing services include Scribd, Tolino, OverDrive, bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor, ODILO, Borrow Box, Gardners, and Palace Marketplace.

Prefer paperback? (I know we certainly do!)

Print editions are available worldwide!


Germany (also available in ebook via Kindle and Thalia)

France (also available in ebook via Kindle and Vivlio)

Italy (also available in ebook via Kindle and Mondadori)

Poland (ebook)

Sweden (ebook)

Australia (also available in ebook format via Kindle and Angus & Robertson)

Brazil (ebook)

Mexico (ebook)

Want a one-stop link for all platforms and editions? You can drop by here!


Cover photograph is by JJ Wenzel Images


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